Articles: Why Are Some People Prone to Obey?

By Eileen F. Toplansky


Despite mounting evidence indicating that the Affordable Care Act, aka ObamaCare, will, in fact, harm seniors; that the “stimulus” has been “nothing more than a political slush fund”; and that the myriad of regulations by Obama has stymied the economy, many Americans still persist in defending these actions.



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The denial of high unemployment, burgeoning tax rates to begin in a few weeks, and the general decline of the United States is breathtaking.


Moreover, from “the outset, the Obama administration‘s handling of the most sensitive secrets of the war on terror has been worrisome.” On the one hand, our enemies learn about our intelligence. On the other hand, a cloud of secrecy and obfuscation lingers over the serious Fast and Furious agenda and the Benghazi events. Astonishingly, Congressman Jason Chaffetz has been “thwarted” by the State Department in contacting the survivors of the Benghazi attack. Thus, Congress has been denied access to these people, and the American public continues to be kept in the dark notwithstanding the alleged transparency claimed by the Obama administration.



Economists politely wonder why Mr. Obama doesn’t come around and see the light and admit that his plans are not assisting America. Others like Bill Whittle state that Obama’s incompetence is not the reason for our fiscal insanity; rather, the people running this country are (actively) trying to destroy the country, and they are succeeding. Thus, it is with malice aforethought that Obama and his cronies are bringing America to its knees.


Through outright bribes, there are those who have accepted Obama’s actions. For example, Mary Landrieu and Louisiana received $100 million, California received $300 million, and Big Labor had goodies tucked away in the health bill so that all these people and entities would support it.


Then there are those die-hards who will fall over the cliff simply because of their allegiance to Obama’s racial background. They view it as absolute disloyalty to question the man’s actions because that would make them turncoats in their own eyes.


It is truly puzzling to see people hurt their own interests and reject the evidence. It is surely an extreme example of “The Emperor’s New Clothes” syndrome…….




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