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How US taxpayers are paying the Pentagon to occupy the planet – Opinion – Al Jazeera English

Author gives an insight into what it costs US taxpayers to build and support the American global military presence.


Pentagon-funded research indicates that 18 per cent of total foreign military and economic aid goes toward buying base access, “swelling our invoice by around $6.3bn” [EPA]


“Are you monitoring the construction?” asked the middle-aged man on a bike accompanied by his dog.


“Ah, si,” I replied in my barely passable Italian.


“Bene,” he answered. Good.



rprprprp (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)




In front of us, a backhoe’s guttural engine whined into action and empty dump trucks rattled along a dirt track. The shouts of men vied for attention with the metallic whirring of drills and saws ringing in the distance. Nineteen immense cranes spread across the landscape, with the foothills of Italy’s Southern Alps in the background. More than 100 pieces of earthmoving equipment, 250 workers and grids of scaffolding wrapped around what soon would be 34 new buildings.



We were standing in front of a massive 145-acre construction site for a “little America” rising in Vicenza, an architecturally renowned Italian city and UNESCO world heritage site near Venice. This was Dal Molin, the new military base the US Army has been readying for the relocation of as many as 2,000 soldiers from Germany in 2013.


Since 1955, Vicenza has also been home to another major US base, Camp Ederle. They’re among the more than 1,000 bases the United States uses to ring the globe (with about 4,000 more in the 50 states and Washington, DC). This complex of military installations, unprecedented in history, has been a major, if little noticed, aspect of US power since World War II.


During the Cold War, such bases became the foundation for a “forward strategy” meant to surround the Soviet Union and push US military power as close to its borders as possible. These days, despite the absence of a superpower rival, the Pentagon has been intent on dotting the globe with scores of relatively small “lily pad” bases, while continuing to build and maintain some large bases like Dal Molin.


Americans rarely think about these bases, let alone how much of their tax money – and debt – is going to build and maintain them. For Dal Molin and related construction nearby, including a brigade headquarters, two sets of barracks, a natural-gas-powered energy plant, a hospital, two schools, a fitness centre, dining facilities and a mini-mall, taxpayers are likely to shell out at least half a billion dollars. (All the while, a majority of locals passionately and vocally oppose the new base.)


How much does the US spend each year occupying the planet with its bases and troops? How much does it spend on its global presence? Forced by Congress to………….




via How US taxpayers are paying the Pentagon to occupy the planet – Opinion – Al Jazeera English.




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