(Gunny G: What “The Folks” ARE Saying About…..Well…THINGS…) ~ “Obama Demands Gun Plan” (USA Today)

“Obama Demands Gun Plan” (USA Today)


USA Commie Today ^ | 12/20/12 | Martha (big surprise) Moore


Posted on Thursday, December 20, 2012 8:43:35 AM by freedumb2003


The assault on the Bill Of Rights:





A 1: Political Correctness A 2: underway — SCOTUS opinion of “personal right” rendered meaningless by Ayers’ puppet obozo A 3: A cop comes to your house/car and flashes a badge. Say “No” I dare ya. (yes, I would say No) A 4: Tell a cop he can’t search your car. A 5: Tell a cop you had “2 beers” A 6: The cop shows up — facts are irrelevant:



He can lie until the cows come home – you are screwed A 7: See A 6 A 8: Irony.


Those who torture and kill hide behind this to avoid jusitice. A 9, 10: Meaningless. Liberals HATE IX and X since they say all rights are personal rights. Not too good for the statists……




via “Obama Demands Gun Plan” (USA Today).



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