Obama: The Black Ulysses S. Grant (In A Bad Way) ^ | 02-19-10 | Ben Shapiro

Posted on Friday, February 19, 2010 11:34:23 AM by UltraConservative

Everyone’s been trying to find a historical parallel to President Obama. Most suggest he’s the second coming of FDR. Many believe he’s Jimmy Carter redux. Some think he’s JFK with a shorter haircut.

There’s one historical parallel that can’t be denied, though: Obama is the black Ulysses S. Grant without the beard.

I understand that’s an insult to Grant, a great war hero and a true hero of civil rights, believe it or not (his reconstruction policies were far more radical than his successors’). But Grant is most remembered for corruption in his presidency. He wasn’t totally personally corrupt, although he did appoint his own father Postmaster General of Covington, Kentucky, and allowed his dad to get several of his friends government jobs…

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