Joe American — The Death of Freedom, Part 1


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Joe American

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July 2, 2007


“Any society that would give up a little liberty, to gain a little security, will deserve neither, and will lose both” —Benjamin Franklin

Introduction: This is the first of a series of articles I intend to write in what may very well be a fools errand. I say that because I love my country. I love the noble ideals of the Republic our flag represents, but I’m not sure many of my fellow Americans still feel the same way.


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What I see around me is a nation of people who don’t seem to have a clue about what is going on around them. For some, the reason for their distraction or disinterest is “they’re too busy,” for others “life’s too complicated.” Then again, I hear people say “I don’t care” or “let someone else worry about those things.”

Portrait of Benjamin Franklin

Portrait of Benjamin Franklin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What those attitudes represent is an aversion for personal responsibility. The reasons for avoiding personal responsibility don’t really matter. Whatever the reason, the the result is the same. When the people of a free country disconnect themselves from their government by apathy, distraction or in any other manner, they are responsible for killing their nation.

Sometimes that death is slow, sometime it’s fast, but dead is dead just the same.

How about you? Do you share any of the attitudes I mentioned above? If so, you are guilty of killing your country. You read that right. If that accusation upsets you, too bad. It does not matter if you like me or what I write. What does matter is that you read this series of articles and then do something to change your attitude. No matter who you are, where you live or, when you were born, it is long passed the time for you to begin acting like a responsible citizen.

Whether you realize it or not, the remnant of the formerly great Republic we all live in does not have much time left. Oh, I know you have a job, maybe even a career. You might be married with children. Perhaps you’re rich and famous. None of that matters in the slightest, if your country perishes. If you do nothing you will have quite literally thrown away your birthright because it held no apparent value for you.

But there is still time. Turn off the television, pick up a nonfiction meaningful book, visit a reputable online news service and find out what is happening around you. Care enough to become a responsible person who will actually make a difference in this world. Discover what it means to be an American while that term still means something. Do it now, this vary moment. Read the rest of this article and the articles that follow in this series.

No, I don’t make a penny for writing this, so take back that little curse word you just said about me. This isn’t about me, It’s about you. I’m doing something to try and save what is left of the legacy of freedom this country once exemplified. Join me and the other people just like us, before it’s too late. Read on.


America, circa 2007, is being deconstructed right before our eyes. It no longer matters if the effort is intentional, deliberate treason, or just complete incompetence. It is happening and the effects are building to a crescendo that will shatter the lives of every American and perhaps everyone else on earth.

America, the light of the world, the hope for the future, is dying. The disease is terminal and we have done it to ourselves. We have become a greedy, selfish and intellectually lazy people who cannot even bring themselves to vote most of the time and certainly cannot be bothered to pay attention to what our elected leaders are doing.

We seem to believe that…….


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  3. Pingback: (“Well… we know that you “DON’T” do it and that you are totally consumed with fear, worry and pessimism. I read it every day on your faces at work, at family gatherings, on Free Republic, on the news and media outlets etcR

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