Contempt Of Court Motion Filed Against Obama: U.S. Attorneys Illegally Representing Obama | Birther Report: Obama Release Your Records

As reported here the U.S. Attorneys representing Obama in the Grinols v. Electoral College case filed their opposition to Taitz‘s motion for a temporary restraining order to stop the electoral count. The U.S. Attorneys also filed a motion to extend time for responding to the numerous subpoenas issued by Taitz.


Attorney and activist Orly Taitz

Attorney and activist Orly Taitz (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Yesterday, Taitz filed her reply to Obama’s opposition and also filed a motion to strike and a motion for contempt of court against Obama. The hearing is scheduled for January 3rd, 2013. – EXCERPTS:





Plaintiffs received two opposition briefs to the TRO motion: one from Federal Defendants and Candidate Obama and one from the Governor. As defendant Obama was sued as a candidate for office and not as the US President, he was not entitled to be represented by the U.S. attorney’s office. As such Plaintiffs are filing a separate brief to strike part of the opposition and specifically strike opposition filed by the U.S. attorney on behalf of candidate Obama due to lack of entitlement for representation and due to conflict of interest with Federal defendants. […]


Most of the argument and precedents provided by the defense are irrelevant in this case, as those precedents relate to generalized grievances of ordinary citizens. The case at hand was brought by Presidential electors, who were duly elected by their parties and by the Presidential candidates. Their grievances are clearly particularized. Additionally, defendants are bringing a number of precedents and arguments in relation to several cases, which were brought after Obama took office in 2008, which is obviously not the case here, as he will not take office until January 20, 2013.


Due to particularized injury to Presidential electors and Presidential candidates and due to impending January 4 confirmation by Congress and January 20, 2013 swearing in of Obama, the issue is not moot, and it is ripe, as injury to the Plaintiffs is imminent. Plaintiffs assert that elections fraud committed by Obama affected their fundamental voting civil rights.[…]






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