Two Kingdoms That Cannot Co-Exist | revisedhistory

By Al Benson Jr.


We see in operation today two kingdoms in the world—the Kingdom of God and the kingdom of man (the state). There are few legitimate governments anymore that really comprise the “state.”



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Most of the legitimate ones are gone, having been replaced with dictatorships, oligarchies, or fake “republics” that fool people with charades they refer to as elections and whose results have already been predetermined long before the “election” takes place. We recently had one of those in the United States.



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There is a place for legitimate governments in God’s economy, governments that fulfill their God-ordained duties and functions and do no more than that. When I talk about the kingdom of man (the state) I am not referring to those few governments that do this. I am referring to all those governments run by men who think they are, or wish to be “god” in their own countries and around the world. Such people and governments are at war with God’s Kingdom. As horrendous as things look at this point in history, this is a war that those who seek to be “god” cannot win. They will always, at some point, lose, even if we do not live to see it.



Pastor Steve Wilkins of Monroe, Louisiana has stated: “We have two kings and two kingdoms. Both make similar claims. They cannot coexist. We are being told that the story of the coming of Jesus is the story of the great war between the city of God and the city of man. The seed of the Woman versus the seed of the Serpent. Every man must now choose between Christ or Caesar, the Kingdom of this world or the Kingdom of God.”


This was true in Roman times. The Christians in the Roman Empire would have gotten along splendidly and been able to worship had they only been willing to acknowledge Caesar as lord first. As Christians they could not do this. Jesus is Lord, not Caesar. In fact Caesar doesn’t even come close, nor did Lincoln, Roosevelt, Clinton, Bush, nor does Obama. All of these men presided over governments that went far beyond their constitutional prerogatives as Obama’s does today…..




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