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Well, well.. Who is going to pay for the illegals squatting in Cali? Obama? ROFL.  Well, you just deserve what you’ve got coming CA.  You are a horrible state, now.  You used to be beautiful and prosperous.  Now, you are an entitlement society of leeches and scum.

It’s sad.  While living in Cali, I used to bring grievances to City hall, Townhall, the Newspapers, you name it.  They didn’t listen, now they will pay the price… AND, they have 2 of the biggest moonbat females for senators; Boxer and Feinstein.  That’s what you get with women in charge and ‘Jewish’ women to boot.  What a mess.

CLICK: Commiefornia Losing Athletes Due To Income Tax

Makes me SICK how you EVIL leftist/satanists DESTROY places. Sick freaks…

Al Jolson would be puking because of you creeps.

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The Daily Bell – Axiom 3: Back to the Articles of Confederation as America’s Central Government (Gunny G: The Solution To THE PROBLEM???)

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The Constitutional or Philadelphia Convention took place in Philadelphia from May 25 through September 17, 1787 supposedly to address problems with the Articles of Confederation. Slow methods of communication had made it difficult to govern a decentralized confederation of sovereign states, both at the executive and legislative levels, one of the reasons a more centralized government structure was suggested.



obampoint (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)




So although the announced public intention was to revise the Articles, powerful interests represented by James Madison and Alexander Hamilton conspired to create a new government instead of improving the lawful and legitimate government of the Articles of Confederation. The result was the Constitution that America operated under for better and sometimes for worse until the coup of Lincoln in 1861 and the total overthrow by Money Power in 1913.




Note most of the participants supported the Constitution because of communication inadequacies of the Articles and had the best of intentions but there was a hidden element consisting of those out to emulate the powerful central governments of Europe.



RPREVOLU (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)


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The Daily Bell – Axiom 3: Back to the Articles of Confederation as America’s Central Government

January 31, 2013 189 comments

Americans demanding a return to limited government, a balanced budget and an end to spiraling sovereign debt have been voting for the GOP for decades and the result has been total failure on all counts. To accomplish these goals we really must turn the government structure back to our first government model, the Articles of Confederation, so the centers of real power are at the state rather than the federal level. Since 1913, i



obampoint (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)




t has been very easy, between maintaining the two-party monopoly and buying off Congress, for the power elite to control leviathan from the top down. This would be far more difficult if power, authority and programs were decentralized and returned to control of the individual states.


Changing the government does not mean voting in another president or changing whether the Democrats or GOP control the House or Senate. Both parties are equally guilty and responsible for the downfall of America. Yes, I would certainly prefer Rand Paul to another Democrat president following the second term of Barak Obama. And of course more liberty-oriented state house representatives as well as senators and congress members at the federal level would help to get the liberty message out.


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Nobody ever really wins at Thumb Wars, which makes the whole thing rather pointless; and, as it turns out, the same can be said about the subject of Grant Williams discussion in this week’s ‘Things That Make You Go Hmmm…‘, – Currency Wars – which seem to be erupting across the globe; and, as they gain in intensity, these monetary conflicts are threatening to throw a major spanner in the works of a world that, until recently, seemed to have been operating under the assumption that it was possible for multiple countries to all devalue their currencies simultaneously in order to inflate their massive debts away.

  1. 1 Recall The Bailout, 2 Remove The Corrupt Politicians, 3 Pay NO Taxes Until 1&2 Are Completed!! Follow Iceland!!
  2. At The Height Of The Banker Orchestrated Crisis: 70% Of Tax Payer’s Money From Rothschild’s Federal Reserve Went To Foreign Banks ~…

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Obama’s inauguration speech morphs liberty into tyranny

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By Alan Keyes


People who have read and pondered the articles I’ve posted here over the years have undoubtedly noticed my consistent reliance on the principles and logic of the American Declaration of Independence. Many of America‘s self-professed conservative political leaders fail to think through and uphold the Declaration’s tenets. This may yet prove to be a flaw fatal to the prospects of liberty. Is this failure the result of incompetence? Or is it a matter of malicious choice? Whatever the explanation, in spurning the Declaration they discard the Providential gift that has been and remains America’s defining and most essential moral resource.



mussobama (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)




The heart of most Americans still responds to the understanding of justice conveyed in the Declaration’s most famous words, particularly its acknowledgment that “all men are created equal.” The Declaration’s words still move even those avowedly committed to the socialist degradation of America’s character and institutions. We see new proof of this in the inauguration speech just delivered by the idol they have lifted up to be the historical focal point for consummating that degradation. Barack Obama has consistently used a rhetorical device wherein he cites or alludes to the Declaration’s words even as he advocates and implements an understanding of government that contradicts the Declaration’s logic. He did so again last week:


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» More Religious Bigotry from New York “Liberals” Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!

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Thomas DiLorenzo


January 31, 2013



rprprprp (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)




A few days ago Sports Illustrated (owned by Time/Warner) published what turns out to be a bogus story about Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis. The author claimed that in recuperating from a torn tricep this football season Lewis utilized a sports medicine made from deer antlers that comes in a spray, and that it contains a growth hormone banned by the NFL. SI apparently did not bother to consult with any medical research professionals before publishing the smear, because researchers at Johns Hopkins hospital who have been conducting research on human growth hormones for the past several decades immediately commented that there is no way that the human body could absorb the banned substance (which is generated naturally in our bodies, by the way) from deer spray.




The substance must be injected into the body with a shot. And besides, Lewis denies even using the “deer antler spray.”


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