All The President’s Women (Part 1): Valerie Jarrett | Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show

The 1960′s and 1970′s witnessed the first real attack on the glass ceiling which had dominated American politics since the inception of the Republic. Women, in greater numbers, have increasingly made contributions in the arena of representative government Most reasonable Americans, welcome the contribution from previously underrepresented groups in America as a necessary function of what representative government should be all about.


Valerie Jarrett, senior advisor to President B...

Valerie Jarrett, senior advisor to President Barack Obama. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




President Obama is in the process of shattering the proverbial glass ceiling with regard to the political participation of women within his administration. Before you break out the left over champagne from your recent New Year’s Eve celebration and toast our relatively newfound sources of leadership, one should consider the ethics of the women that Obama is promoting, namely criminal women, who belong in prison and not in politics.



In the annals of Patriot history, there will be three women who will go down in infamy when we look back at the criminal Obama Administration, namely, Valerie Jarrett, Hillary Clinton and on the periphery of the Obama administration is Senator Diane Feinstein. I predict that Feinstein will become an Obama Cabinet member when all is said and done as evidenced by the fact that she running point on American gun confiscation efforts on behalf of Obama.


All three of these women are criminals, communists and co-conspirators dedicated to the evisceration of the United States Constitution and committed to the further enslavement of the American people. Part one of this series centers on the questionable ethics and criminal behavior of Valerie Jarrett, Senior White House Advisor to the President.


Valerie Jarrett: Enemy of the Republic


President Obama loves to pose as the savior of the oppressed American middle class who are repeatedly victimized by “fat cat” bankers. Obama is so opposed to the banker influence in government that he appointed one of them to become his Senior White House Advisor. I am speaking about none other than Valerie Jarrett. From 2006-2007, Jarrett was a member of the Board of Directors for the Chicago branch of the Federal Reserve. Shouldn’t this be called “sleeping with the enemy?”


Jarrett’s Early Pedigree


As A Communist Agitator


Bill Ayers Mug Shot


Bill Ayers Mug Shot


Valerie Jarrett’s early pedigree should make all of us very nervous. Jarrett is one of the “Chicago Bolsheviks”, who comes from a family which intermarried with the Bill Ayers family. Yes, that would be the Weathermen Underground terrorist leader, Bill Ayers. Yes, that would also be the same Bill Ayers who told FBI informant, who penetrated the Weathermen, Larry Grathwohl, “that when we take over the United States, and that we will forcibly detain 50 million Americans in re-education camps in which they will probably have to murder 25 million American citizens who cannot be re-educated.” Grathwohl, whom I am interviewing again on January 6th, repeated the Ayers statement on the August 18th edition of The Common Sense Show. This is the same Valerie Jarrett family which was also involved with Frank Davis the former head of the Communist Party in the United States. This is the same Frank Davis who Joel Gilbert exposed as Obama’s real father. Additionally, the Jarrett family is also affiliated with other so-called “Red Diaper Babies” in which this young group of intellectual elites called for a communist takeover of the United States in the late 1960′s and early 1970′s……………




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