Judge savagely ridicules Orly Taitz in Jan 3rd hearing.

For Immediate Release Jan 3, 2013: Federal Judge England‘s “non-stop ridicule” of Attorney Orly Taitz offended Courtroom Visitors!


By Plaintiff: Edward C. Noonan


Morrison C. England, Jr., District Judge

Morrison C. England, Jr., District Judge (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




There is only one term that can describe Sacramento’s Chief Federal Judge Morrison C. England Jr. And that term is a Cesspool bottom-feeder. I have nothing but contempt for this unprofessional pig.


I sat at the Plaintiff’s table with Orly Taitz and I was filled with outrage at the way this scum-bag was treating my attorney. And, of course, while he was ridiculing my attorney, he was likewise ridiculing me.


Attorney and activist Orly Taitz

Attorney and activist Orly Taitz (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




At the beginning, anyone with at least two brain cells in their head, could tell that England was bent on making the hearing a mockery of justice and had no impartiality in the matter before him…NONE! He declared that OBAMA WAS THE PRESIDENT AND THE MATTER HAD ALREADY BEEN CERTIFIED BY THE HAWAIIAN HEALTH DIRECTOR. Orly tried to tell him that this so-called “birth certificate” had been proven to be a forgery and Sheriff Apario had declared the document to be fraudulent, but England did not want any facts to be presented to him…he already had his mind made up.



He chided Orly for being sanctioned by other courts throughout the United States. He acted as if all of Orly’s cases had been given a fair hearing and the cases were lost by poor evidence and poor witnesses. Orly told the scumbag judge that not a single judge in the United States had given her an honest chance for DISCOVERY and a fair hearing.


But at least it was easy to tell when England was lying! Whenever his lips moved and words came out of his mouth it was ANOTHER LIE! Not a single word he said had the slightest appearance of truth. For instance, he rebuked Orly for not giving the Federal government “proper service.” But Orly was slapped down when she attempted to testify that a private process service had provided the service (for $500). He did not want to hear any of our challenges concerning the illegal alien, SOETORO. It was his firm desire to ignore all the crimes concerning Soetoro’s bogus and felonious birth certificate, selective service registration and bogus social security number(s). England wanted to shut his eyes to these reports of crimes and refused hear any of Orly’s charges of these felonies being committed by the illegal alien scum-bag in the White House. England happily became a conspirator of the crimes of Soetoro and likewise became a collaborator in the felonys of the law-breaker-in-chief.


England offended me every time words came out of his lying mouth, and I continuously sat shaking my head directly at him showing him I did not agree with him. I was hoping he would address me so I could give him a piece of my mind but he was too much of a chicken poop to confront me as a plaintiff. The Federal Marshals were more concerned at my silent angry body-language as I glared at this ridiculing bozo on the bench.



big (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)




The Sacramento Bee gave a somewhat accurate hearsay version of the court proceedings. You can read their leftist version at: http://www.sacbee.com/2013/01/03/5091099/orly-taitzs-obama-birther-claims.html#storylink=cpy


The Bee version got it somewhat correct and that is concerning the dissatisfaction of most of the packed crowd in the courtroom. They report, “The reaction from courtroom watchers was unmistakable. “Mockery,” one man shouted as he stormed out, followed by another who was holding his nose.


“That really stinks,” he proclaimed.


The Federal Marshals were visibly concerned and scared of a possible riot of the crowd and quickly ordered all 70-80 of us out of the courtroom (after the cesspool judge denied the TRO.) So we all retired out into the hallway and then while we were clapping for Orly for the fantastic job she did in the slug fest with this corrupt Federal Judge, the Marshals ordered us out of the building. They said we were to remove ourselves to the outside of the building – – implying that we were not welcome in their FEDERAL COURT BUILDING………..




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  2. She’s going to keep losing until she gets the real records of birth, marriage to Obama Sr a couple of months before birth and before that the death certificate of the real Dad who was murdered in a racial hate crime leaving this mother with o one to marry. He was born in Toepka Ks and all the records are there and Kris Kobach. sec of state has been castigated all over over his politics that no one paid attn to until he said to put him on the ballot as he knew he was eligible based on his Ks records. I begged Orly Taiz=at z to get the court orderd from the judge back in 9/12 and she left both the sec of state and I hanging and the public an world. This is a civil case and she has to prove fraud. The fraud was done before he was out of the crib to save the lives of his mother and him, the President. What he have is a man who was never told the truth of his origins by his misguided immediate famioy who feared Fred Phelps, Westboro Baptist and whatever was goig on withe teenagers in his care and the KS authorities that have covered up three murders for 50+ years with no investigation. All she is doing is collecting donations and will not follow the truth whein even the main media said they had the info early on and dint; follow it. Pres Obama admits i a 2004 interview on c span about his bio that he took what had been told and wove a story. He did n;t know and his grandmother stopped me form saying anything to him in 1.71. Even they are not using the correct names as Stanley Dunham was a stolen ID by my cousin Daniel Wayne Pope so he could go to war when too young.. The judge is accurate as in a civil case she had to prodce the eveidence of fraud and that is the original records form Kansas, This would all have ended back in 9/12 and the citizens cold have asked him the question did you know and when did you know of your birth in Toepka KS at Forbes air force base horsetail. We might have full murder investigation opened and the part of Westboro Baptist and Fred Phelps, ET all would have all been exposed, if only as back ground info for their part in causing the racial gossip frenzy that turned deadly against a couple of teenagers that got pregnant, but of different races. A goru tat is abot to cause laws to be to censor our faith books even tough few of any major religion wound express such hatred on anything in then listed as a sin. Christ listed few individual sins as other parts of the Bible do, instead spoke of arrogance and not living and have ing mercy towards others as the prime directive to live by.Stock up on Bibles, ;Torahs ad Korans, etc as we may soon only be able to be ones with lists of sins deleted all becaue of one group that wold have been exposed and whatever else they anything involved in 50+ years ago. Linda Joy Adams eye witness and began sharing my facts on 7/26/12 an and in daily recaps since on my personal sites..

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