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The Sandy Hook Problem – Emailing a Friend | Veterans Today

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I have a good friend presently enrolled as a graduate student in photo-journalism. During her recent holiday visit my friend disclosed that she is acquainted, through college, to a married couple having close ties to a family whose youngest child was allegedly gunned down at Sandy Hook Elementary School. The wife was so distraught, having known the child as well as being close to the bereaved parents, that she took a bus to New York right after hearing the tragic news.



big (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)




For the purpose of this column, I have changed names of my friend to “Mary Doe” and those of her married acquaintances to “Dick” and “Jane”. As a skeptic of the official Sandy Hook narrative, I am particularly interested in gleaning as much information, albeit hearsay, as possible from a source that I consider personally to be reliable.


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Why Hagel Was Picked –

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…..Chuck Hagel has been nominated to supervise the beginning of this generation-long process of defense cutbacks. If a Democratic president is going to slash defense, he probably wants a Republican at the Pentagon to give him political cover, and he probably wants a decorated war hero to boot.


All the charges about Hagel’s views on Israel or Iran are secondary. The real question is, how will he begin this long cutting process?



Hagel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


How will he balance modernizing the military and paying current personnel? How will he recalibrate American defense strategy with, say, 455,000 fewer service members?How, in short, will Hagel supervise the beginning of America’s military decline?


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Click on this bogus “New Civil Rights” website… A dumb female sheeple for Obama is bitching about Obama’s lack of females LOL: Where Are The Women, President Obama?


Laughing 1Female uglies got dup’d by Barack Hussein Obama the insane.  What don’t you dumbbell feminist idiots for Sharia not get?  Obama is a Muslim before anything (by nature) and a Marxist, next.  Muslim men do not respect women.  
I noticed how he even placed that dog-ugly Jarrett in the back so she can’t be seen. LOL… Cracks me up.  They LIED about some GOP war on women.  Who knew that Obama would turn on the Liberals and female moonbats so fast.. What a riot.

See Jarrett behind the fatty in the blue, oxford shirt?

This should be the Feminist poster against Obama.

Wake up you stupid  Liberal women, you are SO had by this IDIOT!!!


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Originally posted on 2012: What's the 'real' truth?:

January 12, 2013
Source: via email from James Gilliland

The death of innocents is always tragic. To feel empathy for those who lost their lives and their grieving loved ones is a normal, healthy reaction. To feel any less would be less than human. Unfortunately, a far less noble part of humanity – the “never let a good crisis go to waste” mindset of those who see human suffering as a means to an agenda – always display their ugly faces at such times. So it is with the recent Sandy Hook shootings.
Predictably, before the mourning families could even make funeral arrangements, the usual suspects were already inundating the airwaves with a cacophony of anti-gun gibberish. People such as Michael Bloomberg were already demanding “immediate action.” Naturally by “immediate action,” Bloomberg and others of his ilk mean to strip gun owners of their right to bear arms.


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Originally posted on 2012: What's the 'real' truth?:

William N. Grigg
LRC Blog
Source: InfoWars
January 11, 2013


Auburn, Washington resident Dustin Theoharis was asleep in his bed on February 11, 2012 when two armed strangers entered his room and started to give him orders. Understandably startled, Theoharis reached for a flashlight. This prompted the two intruders to open fire. Theoharis – who was still in bed — was shot sixteen times, but survived.

The assailants who shot Theoharis were Detective Aaron Thompson of the King County Sheriff’s Office and Corrections Officer Kris Rongen. They had arrested Theoharis’s roommate, Nicholas Harrison, an ex-convict who had failed to report for community supervision. The officers were searching his bedroom to find if Theoharis had a gun, which would have allowed them to charge Harrison with a parole violation. They had no warrant or probable cause, and no gun was found. Since Harrison was already in custody at the time…

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