Passion, Principle, and Politics… (“Didn’t Ron Paul Really Win? Lynette Rosinger on 8 reasons not to be sad Romney lost.”)

Recently I received two email articles outlining analyses of the GOP 2012 presidential election loss, one written by Rabbi Pruzansky and another written by Professor Hollis.

The authors agree that Romney was an outstanding candidate, that he was an admirable man, and that Ryan was a wise choice as a running mate. They concur that he lost because our nation has become immature, and irresponsible. They both fear that because of this, America as we have known it, is over or at least close to the brink.

Congressman Ron Paul at an event hosted in his...

Congressman Ron Paul at an event hosted in his honor at CPAC 2011 in Washington, D.C. Please attribute to Gage Skidmore if used elsewhere. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I agree with the authors about the challenges posed by a left-wing media and I acknowledge that the institutional woes that characterize our current culture are worrisome. But, when it comes to the authors’ conclusion that the nation hit a tipping point with this election and that we are over the brink in terms of people who do not want freedom outnumbering those who do, I believe they are wrong.

Passion for Romney?

The place to begin is with the lead candidate on the ticket. Ms. Hollis writes of the “enthusiasm, passion, commitment and determination” that characterized Romney supporters. Do you remember voting for Romney with passion? Not many people I know did; I can think of one. No, they voted with passion all right, the passion of despair about Obama; these voters were even labeled “ABO, Anybody but Obama voters.”

And, there was not much passion for Obama either. Perhaps his victory margin, or most likely, a percentage much greater than that, voted for him because they did not like Romney.

Was there passion and enthusiasm for Romney? No.

Passion, enthusiasm, commitment and determination were there in 2012, there for Ron Paul.

The Primary Campaign: An Unwelcome Mat and a Small Tent

Both Rabbi Pruzansky and Professor Hollis speak very highly of Romney’s character. Perhaps it is all they say it is. But, the tactics used on his behalf during the primary caucuses and conventions were shameful. Parliamentary procedure was ignored, and chairmen threatened to shut down conventions. Once it was known that delegates were Ron Paul supporters, their names were wiped off slates. We hear so much about how the GOP needs to appeal to all kinds of people, other than white men. And yet these very individuals, including independents, if for Ron Paul, were made to feel most unwelcome.

As many as 40% of the participants at the Georgia 6th District Republican Convention left the convention frustrated, sad, and angry. They were Republicans for Ron Paul and had paid dues and registration fees. They listened to speech after speech calling for unity, and yet were not permitted one delegate from their ranks to the state/national conventions. The tent just wasn’t big enough. Just vote for us in November.

The National Convention: A House Divided and a Perception of Unity

This attitude and directive to the local GOP came from………..


via Passion, Principle, and Politics by Lynette Rosinger.




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