NRA president: Door-to-door gun confiscation a “legitimate fear”

NRA president: Door-to-door gun confiscation a “legitimate fear”

CBS News ^ | January 16, 2013 | Lindsey Boerma

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The National Rifle Association didn’t disagree with everything in President Obama’s proposal today to cut back on escalating gun violence, the group’s president David Keene told CBS News Senior White House Correspondent Bill Plante today, but with coming talks of reform, he said there are “legitimate” fears on the horizon for law-abiding gun owners.

One of his fears: that a universal background check for anyone purchasing a firearm – the first of Mr. Obama’s suggestions today – would lead to a national tracking registry of gun owners. That, in turn, Keene said, could give way to “forced buybacks,” or, door-to-door confiscation of specific weapons by the government.

“In other words, ‘I have a record that you have a shotgun, and you’re going to sell it to the government, or else,'” Keene said. “That’s the equivalent of confiscation.”

Keene said when others suggest harboring such a concern is simply “being paranoid,” “you point to senators and governors who want to do exactly that,” he said. “The governor of Illinois said they want to knock on doors and confiscate guns. That’s not an irrational fear.”

Another point of disagreement was Mr. Obama’s call to reinstate and strengthen the assault weapons ban. Keene indicated that a hammer, one of the deadliest weapons in recent years, has been more to blame for rising murder tolls in the United States than semiautomatic weapons…

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