The Daily Bell – Media Mogul Stewart Calls NRA a False-Flag Operation – Is It?

…..Free-Market Analysis: We’ve written about the NRA numerous times now and usually not with any great enthusiasm. Bluntly, we believe the NRA is perhaps an organization controlled surreptitiously at the very top by a globalist power elite that wants to build world government and needs to remove guns from the populace in order to do so.



National_Rifle_Association (Photo credit: ChrisWaldeck)




You can see from the above excerpt of TV comedian Jon Stewart‘s recent monologue that he agrees. You can see the video here.



Stewart rightly notes that the ad launched by the NRA is ludicrous but we think it is ridiculous for different reasons than Stewart. He believes it is a foolish ad because it targets US President Barack Obama and his children – and thus personalizes the debate instead of pursuing it from a policy perspective.


We believe the ad is foolish because it doesn’t bring up the reality of what’s going on with these shootings. As has been pointed out in hundreds if not thousands of articles posted via the alternative (mostly libertarian) ‘Net media, there are plenty of questions about the latest shootings as well as previous ones.


We’ve published several articles ourselves in which we point out that over 100 eyewitnesses to the Columbine shooting saw additional shooters and even saw various uniformed (non-school) men either participating or in some manner actively retarding rescue efforts. This is a huge discrepancy as regards the official story, which ought to be looked into.


Other articles on ‘Net point out that there are many similarities between the modern rash of gun massacres not only here but overseas. Among these similarities, according to eyewitnesses, is that many of the gunmen seem quite proficient with the weapons they are using, as if they have had some military training.


There are so many issues that form a variety of “loose ends” whenever an official story is released regarding these stories that one is almost tempted to say that there is some kind of endemic flaw in official accounts. The police simply don’t seem capable of “getting it right.”


One big issue that comes up over and over is the lack of mention of psychotropic drugs that shooters seem to be ingesting. Another is that most if not all shooters seem incapable of remembering their shootings and are often described as “robotic” and “not themselves” by eyewitnesses. This goes for shooters and shootings around the world, not just in the US…..




via The Daily Bell – Media Mogul Stewart Calls NRA a False-Flag Operation – Is It?.



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