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Tony Lee: Palin Predicted Obama Using Health Care to Curb Second Amendment Rights

Via Breitbart:   On August 1, 2009–just seven months into President Barack Obama’s first term–former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin predicted Obama would attempt to leverage health care to “take away” the Second Amendment rights of Americans.   In a speech … Continue reading

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Jimmy DeYoung A report from a Russian expert reveals that the US and Russia are plunging into a Cold War as Washington’s policies towards Moscow are the blame for the growing tensions between these two…

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New Book Claims Journalists ‘Swooned’ Over Obama During Off The Record Bar Visit Last Year

As NewsBusters has been reporting for years, there is no objective press anymore – only sycophants gushing and fawning over the political leaders they agree with and admire.   More evidence of this came Friday from the Washington Examiner‘s Charlie … Continue reading

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JFK: An Open Letter to Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. | Veterans Today

by Ralph Cinque (with Jim Fetzer)   When I published “JFK: What we know now that we didn’t know then” (21 November 2011),   I had become convinced by the discovery of the obfuscated face of a figure in the … Continue reading

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The Right Calls Obama a Dictator, but Sarah Palin Disarmed the Alaska Civil Militia… “Yes, Sarah Palin, as executive of the state, took away their guns. And no, conservatives, you can’t have it both ways. Clearly they gave Sarah Palin the report and she took “

In 2008, the Anchorage Daily News ran this deck bellow the headline: “NO MORE GUNS: Alaska State Defense Force stripped of many powers.”         Irony knows no bounds when it comes to the Tea Party.   In … Continue reading

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Ron Paul on what’s ahead, if the DC gangsters get their way. via LewRockwell.com Recently by Ron Paul: Government Security Is Just Another Kind of Violence Ron Paul taking questions in Manchester, NH Ron Paul…

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Caruba: Comparing Two Inaugural Speeches, Reagan’s and Obama’s …

            EXCERPT!!!!!………. ……The challenges in 1981 were not that unlike those in 2009. History records that Reagan met those challenges, lifted our spirits, and did his best to reduce the size of government. It also … Continue reading

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