Will Our Rights Be Preserved by Our Sheriffs?

Will Our Rights Be Preserved by Our Sheriffs?


American Thinker ^ | 1/29/2013 | Russ Vaughn


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The Land of Enchantment is a physically beautiful land indeed, yet one with the misfortune to be so traditionally misgoverned by our liberal Democrat majority as to be relegated too frequently to the very lowest rankings of the states when it comes to poverty, education, health, etc.


Once in a while, however, we do find something besides our majestic landscapes to be proud of. A statement just issued by the New Mexico Sheriffs’ Association and signed by 29 of 33 county sheriffs, declaring that their oaths of office don’t require them to enforce federal laws they consider unconstitutional, provides New Mexicans with just such a moment. While I’ve read and heard similar statements from individual sheriffs and police chiefs in other states, I’ve not seen anything comparable from a statewide law enforcement association.



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The Sunday, Jan. 27th, Albuquerque Journal published an article written by Mike Bush of the Mountain View Telegraph quoting several county sheriffs from around the state to the effect that they will refuse to support the President’s attempt to restrict constitutionally protected firearms ownership. The ABQ Sunday article is not posted on their website but there is a link to a Jan. 24th article by the same reporter, Mike Bush, published by the Mountain View Telegraph. The ABQ piece appears to be a fleshed out version of the original and reveals that the Sheriff Dan Houston of Bernalillo County (that’s Albuquerque and the state’s largest metro area) is one of the signers. The Sheriffs’ Association website has posted a press release containing this:


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