Obama’s Destruction of America On Fast-Track Second Term Start

By Jerry McConnell Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Near the end of Obama’s relatively uneventful first term in the Office of the Presidency of the United States, save perhaps the eventual swamping of debt due to his unproductive monsoon of profligate spending and his woeful and weak attempt to produce a program of national health reform, most folks were sure of his imminent and rapid exit from our once hallowed White House corridors.



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I really don’t think those folks looking for his failure to gain a second term were incorrect in their assumptions, it was just a case of a lot of shady and illegal manipulations of numbers and voting polls machinations worked against them. I’m still at a loss as to how starkly evident proof of illegality was so blatant, such as the Obama vote totals in one southwest Ohio county that were in excess of the total number of residents; not just voters, but all adults and children, and to this date little to nothing is heard about it.





Did he write another Executive Order exempting situations of that nature? Well whatever it is or was that he is doing or has done, he certainly has not slowed down his wild and wooly spending sprees which don’t appear to have slackened to any appreciable degree. Particularly noticeable is his plan to allow women to serve on front-line combat. If he thinks that won’t be an expensive proposition just wait till the contractor invoices come rolling in. Favoritism has never worked and in these days of military tensions it will be an explosive issue.



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I remember myself in combat during World War Two on a jungle island in the South Pacific with the Marine Corps and without getting to the many sticky situations prior to being in 24-hour combat with cunning and persistently pressuring of our presence with a killer attitude, literally, that is. With temperatures and humidities most often in the three digit range also quite often including drenching downpours and knee-deep mud and I won’t even mention the varmints that were thicker and more bothersome than the malaria-bearing mosquitoes, we were subject to death by more than just our fellow human enemies.


Coupled with these charming conditions were the unfriendly terrains with swollen rivers and as stated before, ever-present mud. The only buildings in the entire perimeter of our existence were grass and mud shacks where the natives dwelled. There were no shelters of any kind for us military types; we slept in trenches in the ground and many times, just leaning up against trees.


I laughed quite heartily when I read in a recent column online, where the presidential rump swabbing, very gallant and brave Joint Chiefs Chairman, General Dempsey, stated that ‘We Can Figure Out Privacy’ for Young Ladies in Frontline Combat. My first comment to him and our naïve’ Chief Executive would be using my narrative above, “Good luck, fellows; but it’s going to cost you one hell of a lot of taxpayer’s dollars.” When you’re confined to a postage stamp sized piece of turf, you don’t MOVE from that spot for fear of weakening the line of defense. Nature calls are put on hold or done as expediently as conditions allow.


Of course, perhaps the “Big Cheese”, formerly the “Messiah”, has already thought a bit about that (more likely a former infantryman like me), and has decided to cut healthcare benefits for active duty and retired military to start raising funds for catering to the “Young Ladies” as the General suggests. That will be a huge boost for morale of the male troops wouldn’t you think? And how do you think the public will accept that first female casualty of a fatal bayonet abdomen opening?


Don’t think that Obama hasn’t considered this and planned for it. It fits his plan of destroying America and surrendering our sovereign authority to the corrupt United Nations. Destroy from the ground up; make the electric issue of women’s rights, along with the newly established “rights” handed presidentially to homosexuals that top those of the normal beings in service. The entire bucket of soil has been crafted by the Communist Commander in Chief.


And in that context, you can probably see how his other new plan just announced in the short days after his SECOND inauguration of sending 100,000 American youths to China to study; what else? Why communism of course. Susan Jones of CNSNews.com published on January 24, 2013 that “Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Thursday will celebrate the launch of a newly rebranded organization called the ‘100,000 Strong Foundation,’ which aims to have 100,000 American students studying in China by 2014.”…….




via Obama’s Destruction of America On Fast-Track Second Term Start.








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  1. LadyRavenSDC says:

    Reblogged this on LadyRaven's Whisky In A Jar – OH! and commented:
    “And how do you think the public will accept that first female casualty of a fatal bayonet abdomen opening?” If a bayonet were the only thing female soldiers would die from that would be one thing. In the middle east there will be female soldiers captured, raped repeatedly, breasts cut off, chemicals to disfigure and blind, death after – maybe. And then there is the penchant for removing heads. And what will be our male soldiers reactions to that?
    As far as the 100,000 to China? You have got to be frickin s***ing me!Add your thoughts here… (optional)

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