Is John Brennan Blackmailing Obama?

In early 2008, it was reported that a low-level employee at Analysis Corporation, a State Department contracted company that processed and stored passport records, had breached Barack Obama’s passport file on three different occasions.



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The incident was reported to simply be mischief, and the employee involved was reprimanded. We would later find out that John Brennan, then-advisor on intelligence and foreign policy to the Obama campaign, headed the company.


After Barack Obama won the election, the issue was quietly forgotten.


Obama, a radical leftist ideologue—anti-military, anti-war, and anti-torture—proceeded on Day One to surround himself with far left ideologues.




So it was odd when Obama put John Brennan at the top of the list for CIA chief.



For years, Brennan was knee-deep in Bush’s use of waterboarding, use of psychotropic drugs to gain confessions, a proponent of the Iraq War, a proponent of drones to carry out assassinations, and a Republican—all things Obama and his leftist base hated.



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Obama’s leftist base was livid and demanded that Brennan’s name be withdrawn.


Brennan then decided to bide his time until Obama’s second term. By then, Obama would not care whether he stabbed his base in the back, as evidenced by his most staunch radical Marxist group Code Pink—long aligned with Obama—disrupting Brennan’s confirmation hearing on February 7.


It has been theorized that the 2008 breach of Barack Obama’s passport file was not in fact simply mischief by an employee, but was a cover to purge Barack Obama’s passport file of any reference to foreign citizenship.


What if in fact Brennan, as head of Analysis Corporation and obviously with access to Obama’s passport records, breached Obama’s passport file not to cover for him, but to blackmail him? What if what Brennan found in Obama’s passport records was what most of America already knows—that Obama became an Indonesian citizen when his mother married Lolo Soetoro, as evidenced by Obama’s school records, indicating also that he was a Muslim with the legal name of Barry Soetoro. What if Brennan is holding this over Barack Obama’s head in order to obtain what many deem—as CIA chief—to be the most powerful position in the U.S. government—possibly the world? He would have access to a mammoth database on every American, access to virtually every single electronic communication sent: phone, email, text, video—everything.



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Combine this with Brennan’s new authority as revealed by an uncovered secret memo whereby the Obama administration—that is, Brennan, as head of the drone assassination program—has the authority to kill any U.S. citizen at any time and anywhere, without oversight and without having to provide any evidence to anyone.


Whether John Brennan breached Barack Obama’s passport record in order to cover for him or blackmail him matters little. America should be very afraid of this Administration. But let fear bring us to action. To remove Barack Obama from power. To remove John Brennan from power. Soon. Before we pass the point of no return.


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