Senator Long calls for a constitutional convention… (GyG: Re Coup d’etat?)

Senator Long calls for a constitutional convention


English: Painting, 1856, by Junius Brutus Stea...

English: Painting, 1856, by Junius Brutus Stearns, Washington at Constitutional Convention of 1787, signing of U.S. Constitution. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)










Northeast Indiana Public Radio ^ | 2-14-2013 | Brandon Smith


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Senate President Pro Tem David Long said Indiana needs to take the lead in assembling a constitutional convention of the states in an effort to rein in the federal government’s power. Long’s effort aims to produce an amendment to the Untied States Constitution.


To amend the Constitution in a state-initiated way, two-thirds of state legislatures must agree to convene a constitutional convention, at which the amendment is drafted. Three-fourths of the states must then approve the amendment for it to be ratified.



Senate President Pro Tem David Long wants to start that process on an amendment meant to impose limits on the Constitution’s Commerce Clause and federal taxing authority. Long said limiting those two powers would help prevent the federal government from enacting measures like the Affordable Care Act, which he calls the poster child for federal overreaching.



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“This is not some kind of a, you know, conspiracy theorists all gathering together to drive the federal government out of our lives,” said Long. “It is, I think, a thoughtful and constitutionally-based approach to how we can protect states’ rights.”


But Senate Minority Leader Tim Lanane said the proposal is a distraction.


“You know, I think we ought to keep our nose to the grindstone on what people are wanting us to which is to work on ways to create jobs,” Lanane said.


Long said he’s spoken with lawmakers in other states, such as Tennessee and Texas, who say they’d follow Indiana’s lead. Still, he admits the process could take years………






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via Senator Long calls for a constitutional convention.







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  1. upaces88 says:

    Soros has too many sos in place that it could just all go wrong… Secretary of State Project
    Contents [hide]
    1 Democracy Alliance
    2 Origins
    3 Founders
    3.1 Becky Bond
    3.2 Michael Kieschnick
    3.3 James Rucker
    4 Donations
    4.1 2006 Election cycle
    4.2 2008 Election cycle
    5 Contributions
    6 See also
    7 External links
    8 References
    The SOS Project, or the Secretary of State Project, is an independent 527 political organization founded in July 2006 under the premise of advancing ‘election protection’ measures. Members believe that the only way in which to accomplish such a goal is to devote all efforts and resources toward helping get Democrats elected to the offices of Secretary of State in selected swing, or battleground, states, specifically those whose margin of victory in the 2004 presidential election contest was 120,000 votes or less.
    Democracy Alliance

    The SOS Project stems largely from the Democracy Alliance, an unapologetically self-described ‘liberal organization’ founded in 2005 “whose long-term objective is to raise $200 million to develop a funding clearinghouse for progressive groups.” [1] Rob Stein, former chief of staff to Commerce Secretary Ron Brown under the Clinton administration, conceived of, and later directed, the Democracy Alliance on the belief that liberals could just as easily replicate the conservative movement in their building effective institutions for developing new ideas and promoting public policies.
    Among its impressive array of founding members and donators are billionaire George Soros, Peter B. Lewis, Susie Tompkins Buell, trial lawyer Guy Saperstein, trial lawyer Fred Baron, movie director Rob Reiner, Norman Lear, Drummond Pike, Rob McKay, Rutt Bridges, Patricia Stryker, Rob Glaser, Rob Johnson, Anne Bartley, Jonathan Heller, Charles Rodgers, Gail Furman, Davidi Gilo, Rachel Pritzker Hunter and the Service Employees International Union.
    Financially well off individuals who are approached about donating to the Democracy Alliance-endorsed think tanks and political advocacy groups are required to make an initial pledge of $200,000 per year for five years. Recipients of these donations are sworn to secrecy not to disclose from whom these donations came from, or how much. Progressive political organizations that are known to have received financial assistance from the Democracy Alliance include ACORN, Media Matters for America, EMILY’s List, and the Center for American Progress, among others. [2]
    Soros and Peter Lewis, at a panel discussion held during the Democratic National Committee’s 2008 convention in Denver, Colorado, declared that the Democracy Alliance had approved the Secretary of State Project as a grantee of the political organization. [3]

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