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Story of murder, narcotrafficing and environmental contamination written by two Marine veterans IRVINE, CA and CAMP LEJEUNE, NC – Marine Colonel Jim Sabow placed his television on mute, arose from his easy chair, and left his house on Fifth Street at Marine Corps Air Station El Toro through the patio door.



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He walked the length of the patio, called the dogs, which were in the back yard and enclosed them in the garage. This was a practice he routinely followed when visitors were expected. Whether he opened the front door to greet his visitors or went out the back door onto his patio is not known, but we do know that he had only moments to live.


Colonel Sabow, decorated Vietnam fighter with 221 combat missions, met his death at the hands of others.




The unexpected blow to the right side of the head was violent, resulting in unconsciousness. Occipital skull fragments penetrated into the back of his brain. He was near death due to the massive brainstem trauma in which agonal hyperventilation characteristic of this type of injury occurs. Sabow was aspirating blood from a wound in his pharynx that resulted from a basilar skull fracture. In fact, the tracheae, bronchi, bronchioles and alveoli were filled with blood, doubling the weight of the right lung. His shotgun was found under his body. No fingerprints on the shotgun. No suicide note.



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There was no mention of the tramline bruise, an indicator of the violent blow to his head, in the autopsy report or the crime scene tampering by three men who flashed government credentials, forcing Naval Investigative Service NIS agents to leave the crime scene.The motive for the murder was to prevent the disclosure of a covert operation to ferry weapons to Central and South America and government sanctioned narcotrafficing on flights into El Toro.




Data processing records were purged on the maintenance of unmarked C-130s; a Marine with knowledge to purge the records unexpectedly promoted, transferred and murdered several years later. Other Marines who knew of the illegal drugs would meet violent deaths.




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In 1985, the same year that trichloroethylene TCE was found in several agricultural wells off of El Toro, Camp Lejeune on the East Coast was forced to close down wells contaminated with TCE, PCE benzene, and other toxic chemicaLs.




As many as 750,000 veterans and their dependents were exposed to Lejeune’s contaminated wells over 30 years 1953-1987.




Congressional hearings and the testimonies of Lejeune veterans and dependents pressured Congress to pass health care for 15 medical conditions but without any provision for VA disability compensation.



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Like their El Toro brothers,


Lejeune Marines are forced to file disability claims with the VA. VA claims must be supported by medical nexus opinions, linking the current medical condition to the base well water. Medical doctors unfamiliar with epidemiology and not the trusting government are naturally hesitant of writing nexus opinions. The fastest way to a VA denial is to file a disability claim without a medical nexus opinion.



The denial rate of Lejeune VA disability claims is over 84%. T Lejeune Marine veterans now sick with cancers and unemployed are left to their own resources to pay the mortgage and put food on the table.At El Toro, once the premier Marine Corps Air Station, no determination could be made by the government on the impact of toxic chemicals and their health effects. Too much documentation was missing, but the evidence of toxic exposure was everywhere.


You didn’t have to look too hard for it.Fifty-five gallon drums of trichloroethylene TCE waste were buried on the base for years to hid them from the Marine Corps Inspector General, base wells sealed in concrete without…………..




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