Who’ll Rule Us? The Crips or the Bloods?: A transcript of the Lew Rockwell Show episode 289 with Jesse Ventura

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ROCKWELL: Well, good morning. This is the Lew Rockwell Show, and what an honor to have as our guest today, Mr. Jesse Ventura. Jesse is, of course, the former Independent governor of Minnesota. He’s a former U.S. Navy SEAL, former professional wrestler.


He’s a movie actor, visiting fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government – where I’m sure he shook them up, as they should have been shaken up – of course, a New York Times best-seller, and the host and the executive producer of the wonderful TruTV series, Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura.



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And Jesse’s last book, which I loved – and we’ll link to, of course, all his books and his web sites and so forth – was 63 Documents the Government Doesn’t Want You to Read.





But, Jesse, I want to talk to you today about your newest book – very exciting; I have it right here on the desk in front of me – DemoCrips and ReBloodlicans: No More Gangs in Government. Now tell us about the two political gangs in government.



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VENTURA: Well, they’re just that. They are like gangs. They parallel gangs completely. I am a bit of a voice of experience. Many people didn’t realize but I write in this book that I was a member of the Mongol’s outlaw motorcycle club earlier in my life and I spent a few years doing that, so I do know what they are, and I’ve also been in government, and they’re gangs. Laughingly, they actually do even steal their colors, because the Crips’ color is blue. Well, what’s a blue state? That’s a Democratic state. The Red color, naturally for the Bloods. What’s a red state? That’s a Republican state.


And they go beyond that. In a gang like that, your first loyalty is to the gang. Well, in their case, the first loyalty – if you want to use the word “party,” but I show Webster’s Dictionary definition of “party” and that’s a festive occasion. It has nothing to do with political. They just use it that way to portray what they want. But loyalty has to be to the gang or the party first.


And then, second loyalty is how they make money. Well, that’s exactly what you have with these two political parties. Their second loyalty is to their donors, to the people that bribe them. And it’s interesting because these two parties have created an entire system in the United States today based upon the concept of bribery. Now, if we do bribery in the private sector, we go to jail. Yet, it’s alive and well in our political arena and the Democrats and Republicans are responsible for it.


ROCKWELL: And, you know, when somebody descents from a party, they’re pretty brutal to them, as we’ve seen recently with the campaign of Ron Paul.


VENTURA: Oh, yes. They’re just like street gangs. If any other unit or any other entity comes into their turf or territory, they destroy them. Or, in the case of Ron Paul, he was about as welcome in the Republicans as the red-headed step child that shows up on the day you read the will.





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ROCKWELL: And, of course, they even – you know, I think they actually finagle some of the votes. They certainly have engaged in some pretty nasty practices involving delegates and done everything possible to suppress his candidacy. And, of course, they succeeded.


VENTURA: Yes. And they go beyond that. They control, the two gangs control the presidential debates.



I’ll give you a little history on that. Back in ’92 was the last time we save third-entity debate, and that was Ross Perot. Well, Perot scared the hell out of them. Perot got one out of five votes, close, like 19.7 percent, near 20 percent, you could call it. Well, up until that point, all presidential debates fell under the League of Women Voters. They determined who would debate. Well, then the two gangs, the two parties took it over. They took it away from the League of Women Voters and they formed the Federal Debate Commission. Well, ironically, the two heads of the Federal Debate Commission was two former partier gang leaders. And so they now determine who you get to hear. And we have not had a third voice in a debate since ’92.


In fact, I’ll tell you what happened in ’96. Bob Dole didn’t want Perot debating because he felt it would erode from his conservative base. Bill Clinton didn’t want debates at all because he was so far ahead, debates could only bring him down. So they conspired; they reached an agreement to eliminate Perot and, in turn, Clinton got to say how many debates there would be and when they would be. Well, up until that, you always had three presidential debates and one V.P. debate. That year in ’96, there were only two presidential debates because Clinton didn’t want any, and he got to determine when they would be. And by design, the two presidential debates were held the same night as the World Series.


ROCKWELL: And so, Jesse, those who tell us that if only we elect Romney, things are going be better off –




– or if only we reelect Obama, things will be better than Romney. Really, to us, the taxpayers, to the average American living in this police state, it doesn’t really make any difference, does it?


VENTURA: It does not. You’re correct. You’re completely correct on that. It makes no difference. And the reason why……………….




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