(GyG: As Always, See Reader Responses…) ~ Cruz, Haley, Jindal, Rubio: Flight 2016 Cleared for Takeoff

Cruz, Haley, Jindal, Rubio: Flight 2016 Cleared for Takeoff


American Thinker ^ | 03/13/2013 | Ken Blackwell and Bob Morrison


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Let’s close down the silly season on presidential eligibility early. Our colleague, Ken Klukowski, is a constitutional lawyer who argues here that newly-sworn-in Texas Sen. Ted Cruz (R) is likely eligible to run for president in 2016. The only question that could arise is the fact the fiery young conservative leader was born in Calgary, Alberta, on Dec. 22, 1970. Let’s see: 1970 makes him thirty-five in 2005. He’s in!





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Is the Canadian birthplace a hurdle? Not really. Since at least 1793, such children of American citizens born abroad have been recognized to be American citizens.





Ted’s mother, the former Eleanor Darragh, was an American citizen from Delaware. To argue that his actual place of birth to an American citizen disqualifies Ted Cruz is to argue that millions of undoubted Americans are disqualified. What about military “brats” born in civilian hospitals to parents stationed in West Germany? Or sons and daughters of American business people temporarily working abroad? Or children of U.S. citizens who are missionaries called to foreign lands?



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Can conservatives seriously believe that any of these otherwise qualified American citizens should be barred from running for president? We thought as conservatives we are opposed to assisted suicide. But reading the Constitution in such a strained and absurd way would render us politically dead.


Some people, unfortunately, are maintaining that anyone whose parents were not yet fully naturalized U.S. citizens are ineligible. That’s because, they say, only the children of U.S. citizens can be “natural-born citizens of the United States” under the Constitution’s requirements for being elected president (Art. II, Sec. 1).


They say that because of this iron-clad condition, Florida’s Sen. Marco Rubio, and possibly even South Carolina ‘s Gov. Nikki Haley and Louisiana ‘s Gov. Bobby Jindal may all be ineligible to serve as president.


(Excerpt) Read more at americanthinker.com …


via Cruz, Haley, Jindal, Rubio: Flight 2016 Cleared for Takeoff.








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2 Responses to (GyG: As Always, See Reader Responses…) ~ Cruz, Haley, Jindal, Rubio: Flight 2016 Cleared for Takeoff

  1. jericho777 says:

    Reblogged this on Jericho777's Blog and commented:
    Rubio is ineligible. He was born in 71 and his parents Cuban immigrants didn’t become United States Citizens until 1975?
    Conservative Constitutional Lawyers say that Cruz & Jindal both can’t run either, though I’m checking them out tonight, but Rubio is definitely out of it?
    Rubio’s office says he was born at Cedars of Lebanon Hospital on May 21st 1971 to parents Mario Rubio and Oria Garcia. His parents were Cubans who had immigrated to the United States in 1956 and were naturalized as U.S. citizens in 1975, four years after their son Marco Rubio was born.
    His parents did not become citizens until 1975 and many fool hearted Conservatives “Tea Party’s” believe that even though his parents were not American citizens when he was born, that because he was born in the United States, he is in fact eligible for the Presidency…
    If this stupid, asinine argument even held an ounce of water and it doesn’t, then every illegal aliens child who is born in the United States can then be eligable for the Presidency of the United States of America…
    This is why the Conservative Party is Dead Dead Dead!
    Rubio’s parents according to his office, became naturalized citizens in 1975, but were permanent legal residents of the United States when Rubio was born, as are 30 million illegal aliens.
    Rubio’s official biography has already been scrutinized, due to questions over the date his parents arrived in the United States as Cuban exiles.

    In other words, Marco Rubio is the Republican equivalent of Baraq Hussein Berry Sotoro Obama when it comes to being eligible, notta happening…

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