Laurie Roth – America, Stop Cowering and Stand up For Your Country

America stop cowering under your bed. Stop believing in your spirit that there is nothing you can do to save your country and lives. You feel weak. You feel poor and old. You are a nobody. What can you do? Together, with God’s help we can do EVERYTHING. “I can do ALL THINGS through Christ who strengthens me.” -Phil: 4:13



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Our country has been under constant attack from within by the Obama regime surrounded by his progressive America haters. His handlers, ‘the new world order crowd’ and ‘radical Islam’ have attacked and crushed much of our freedom already, per the plan from long ago.








Forced Obama care coverage is really ‘access to our accounts’ and a bold tool to start seizing our funds and assets. It is much like the national theft of accounts in Cyprus making international news this week and causing widespread panic.





Obamacare is also the targeting of our seniors and most needy so that they die sooner. It is nothing more than a killing machine, which will also steal from accounts and control the masses.



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Recently, Reince Priebus spoke of GOP goals and needs, highlighting the need to reach out to minorities, master social networking and various techniques…bla bla and bla.


In truth, what the GOP desperately needs, along with the American people is a good dose of real heart felt passion and vision for doing what is right, Godly and Constitutional. Talk and technique is fine. Understanding social networking and special interests is great, but none of that is really powerful, motivational, or wins elections.



When Senator Rand Paul stood and offered a 13-hour filibuster exposing and confronting the Constitutional violations of Drones, the country went wild. This went viral. His response wasn’t practical; a great technique planned for reaction and manipulated votes. It was from passion and a commitment to stand for what was right. Naturally, GOP establishment McCain and Lindsey Graham strongly rebuked Senator Paul for his courageous action.


We are surrounded everywhere by political cowards and sellouts. Recently Speaker Boehner said he completely trusted President Obama if you can believe it! How many ways can you kiss up and lie?


People were not designed to operate without our Lord’s leading, power and love. Our country was founded by bold and passionate Christians who put it all on the line. Operating from passion and Biblical principles, God built up our country to be number one in wealth and influence in the world. He has blessed and used us in mighty ways.


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As we have drifted away from our Christian heritage and trusted the dark side, ‘new world order and environmental agenda’ ‘big government hand outs and controls’ ‘internationalism and denial of sovereignty’ and growing influence of Islam, America has begun to…..




via Laurie Roth – America, Stop Cowering and Stand up For Your Country.








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