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Waco a stark reminder of the murderous intent of dictatorial administrations

Waco a stark reminder of the murderous intent of dictatorial administrations

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bubbahil (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)

Twenty years ago at this time we were in the midst of the federal government’s 51 day siege on a compound of Bible worshippers who with their 12 children were all snuffed out in a raid.

, *1938-07-21, 78th Attorney General of the Un...

, *1938-07-21, 78th Attorney General of the United States (1993–2001) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“That’s torturing babies,” a U.S. Representative bemoaned at the Congressional hearings investigating the Waco siege during which CS gas vapor was spewed down a long arm of an armored tank onto the roof, into the rooms, and ultimately wafted down into the windowless tower where some of the women and their children were hiding in the Mount Carmel Church compound of the David Karesh (Vernon Howell) followers!

“Gas masks don’t fit on babies,” one investigator in Washington, D.C. observed. So as former Attorney General Janet Reno suffers from Parkinson’s Disease in Stuart, FL, a lengthy, outstanding online video entitled “Waco-The Rules of Engagement (William Gazecki)” (1) reminds us just what can happen when a federal government-gone-wild destroys citizens. Footage of Reno leaving to attend a speech while the Waco outrage was going on is a poignant reminder of the Democrat Presidency of William Jefferson Clinton.

The federal government’s siege on Waco began on February 28, 1993, and ended 51 days later during the orgy of gassing children, women, the elderly, and most of their congregation. “We put massive gas in there,” you can hear one agent acclaiming! “My skin was melting. . . (in) the mass of flames. . .horrible way to die,” says a crying man who lived only by diving at a hole in the otherwise pitch darkness of screaming voices.”

Hard to watch toward the end of the long ordeal is the photo of the crisp charred body of a little 12 year old girl who died when the effects of the deadly gas back bowed her muscles and collapsed her entire frame. During negotiations with FBI agents, who got the handoff of the mission from the BATF,

David Karesh is heard saying, “only one fire extinguisher in the building.” Former FBI forensic photographer Farris Rookstool calls the attempt to brand the Karesh followers victims of mass suicide “most irresponsible.” “Many of the residents were HOMICIDE victims,” he says. ( at 2:07:56 video time line)

Rookstool’s viewpoint is in stark contrast to that of now Vice President Joe Biden who declared………….



Re Waco/Hillary?



via Waco a stark reminder of the murderous intent of dictatorial administrations.




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    Hard to forget this Waco seige-just like a war going on-back then-yes this obama dictatorship is untrustworthy enough to do something illogical and cause riots that lead right into organized war-and the first place to fall will be washington d.c.-where the traitors will be on public display for the whole world to see

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