Al Duncan — The FEMA Labor Camp, Part 2




Excerpt from The Master Plan






“If I wanted to maintain my sanity and stay alive, I needed to come up with a workable escape plan.”



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Suddenly there was a loud commotion outside. Some of the men leaped up from their seats and ran to the windows positioned around the room. The young man I was talking with ran toward a window in the corner. He took one glance before he started waving and shouting for me to “Come here and look. This is what I was to tellin’ you about. Now you can see these goons in action for yourself.”







He was pointing down in the yard where we entered the gates after being unloaded from the trucks. Within the crowd of men in the yard below was a young man in his late teens or early twenties. He was calling to someone he apparently recognized, who was about twenty feet away. One of the goons saw him and started pushing through the crowd and telling the men to shut up and keep moving. When the goon was within reach, the young man hit him with all his might. The goon didn’t fall because the crowd supported him, but when they realized the possibility of being mistaken for one of the instigators, they backed away from the young man as far as permissible.


One of the guards blew a whistle with a sharp, piercing sound that was so painful everyone in the yard immediately covered their ears. Seemingly from nowhere, four more goons appeared; two of them grabbed the young man’s arms, while two more grabbed his legs.


His friend was frantically trying to make his way through the crowd. “Stop fighting them!” he yelled. Suddenly there was another sharp blast from a whistle and four more goons rushed to subdue the other young man in the same manner as his friend.


I looked through the crowd for the first young man, only to see the goons carrying him kicking and screaming through the parting crowd and across the yard. They held him securely between them like a battering ram. At first, the goons were walking, but they began to gain momentum until they were running at top speed. With the young man secure in their grasp, they headed straight for a concrete pillar.


The first thing to hit was his head. It splattered like a pumpkin. Then there wasn’t any head, and then there wasn’t any neck. They continued until there wasn’t anything left but limbs and mangled body parts, which they tossed on the ground. They did the same to his friend.


Afterward, one of the goons went over to a shed and picked up a garden hose. He and his comrades rinsed each other off, and then washed the remains into a gutter that ran under the fence line into an open field.


Men kept filling the yard while the goons ducked in and out of the crowd pushing and shouting, “Shut up and keep moving!”


Fear struck me. If I hadn’t taken heed when that guard warned me, like the two young men, my remains would have been washed into the gutter.


After returning to my place on the bench, I noticed that the man in front of me had proceeded to a desk and I was next. Although there was little continuity to my thoughts, I knew my situation was far more serious than I had first imagined. The youngster was right; these people had no regard for human life. If I wanted to maintain my sanity and stay alive, I needed to come up with a workable escape plan.


I was stunned by the cheerful manner in which the woman behind the desk asked my name. She was completely oblivious to what had just taken place. “I know my name is Lance Roberts, but I’m not sure of anything else,” I answered in response to her question.


After typing a few keystrokes, she scrolled down a long list and………


EXCERPT !!!!! !!!!!


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