The Teflon Prez to publicly mourn the ‘Iron Lady’?

By Judi McLeod Saturday, April 13, 2013





The Teflon Prez to publicly mourn the ‘Iron Lady’ 





The Teflon Prez to publicly mourn the ‘Iron Lady


Don’t worry, Lady Maggie: “Michelle and Barack will carry on the work to which you dedicated your life now that you’re gone.



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According to the Daily Mail, in Barack Obama’s own words: “Michelle and I carry on the work to which she dedicated her life…” Statement from the President on the Passing of Baroness Margaret Thatcher—White House.



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Surely ‘The Iron Lady’ will rest in peace knowing that the uncrowned ‘King and Queen of the “Me, Me, Me” Generation’ will be stoically carrying on her hard work between their trademark lavish holidays.









Not only are the Obamas considering taking full advantage of photo ops by being in Britain for the Thatcher funeral—second only in significance to Winston Churchill’s, you’d think they were conservative Thatcher supporters all along.


Given how distressed American patriots are about Obama’s fairytale storied life, factoids of which are still held in state secret status, it’s almost comical how the Daily Mail, which trumps the American mainstream media every time, this time attributed Vice President Joe Biden’s gushing words to Obama.


“In a statement on Monday, following the news of her death, President Obama released a statement praising the former British prime minister for her ‘strong will and strong convictions’ and said the U.S. was mourning the loss of a ‘stalwart friend’. (Daily Mail, April 12, 2013)


‘I had the privilege of being in Margaret Thatcher’s company numerous times when she was Prime Minister, and she was always forthright in her views and undaunted in her commitment to advancing her nation’s interests. I’m glad I had the chance to know her’, the president said.


A Google search by Canada Free Press (CFP) shows these words were uttered by Vice President Joe Biden and not Barack Obama.


Fact is, Socialists like Obama shrink in the shadow of the Iron Lady, many of whom are humming along to the BBC-resurrected The Witch is Dead song, in Merry Old England in time for the Thatcher funeral.


In February 2007, Thatcher became the first living British Prime Minister to be honoured with a statute in the Houses of Parliament. The bronze statue stands opposite that of her political hero, Sir Winston Churchill, and was unveiled on 21 February 2007 with Thatcher in attendance; she made a rare and brief speech in the members’ lobby of the House of Commons, responding: “I might have preferred iron—but bronze will do…it won’t rust. “ (BBC, 2/21/2007)


One month after he took office In early 2009……….


EXCERPT !!!!! !!!!!


via The Teflon Prez to publicly mourn the ‘Iron Lady’?.








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1 Response to The Teflon Prez to publicly mourn the ‘Iron Lady’?

  1. 32eagle says:

    propaganda is what it is-better bring the beach towel to cry into and the new suit and the speech full of total science fiction that again brings to mind obama in his seal team six leather jacket with his nobel medal of bullcrap,cash for clunkers lead clad cluster,gay pride silver acorn medal,middleclass backstabber ribbon,2nd admendment traitor golden noose,and the we the people jumper cables -the Vulcan Special-come midnight he lights up like a christmas tree.Hopefully, these Obamas will not insult the Brits and try to behave themselves-I mean michelin blimp and palerider-the girls are okay-and don’t say the word “Korea” or “guns” or “stimulus”or “taxes”or “golf”or “sequester”

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