Shameless Liberal Exploitation Of Boston Marathon Bombing


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20080222_adamoBy Christopher Adamo ~20130418_boston-bombs-flags-LARGE

In the greatness that was once America, when truth prevailed over “political correctness” and justice was an honorable pursuit, the nation’s leaders would have begun by giving the benefit of the doubt to their countrymen, presuming innocence until guilt might be proven. Sadly, that course of action has been completely upended in recent years, as any major occurrence, whether natural or artificially instigated, is immediately “interpreted” and thereafter discussed by leftist politicians and their media lapdogs in whatever manner best suits the liberal agenda. In the process, truth itself becomes the initial casualty.

Consequently, Hurricane Sandy and the devastation it wrought were not evaluated with the intention of strengthening municipal infrastructures in hopes of better withstanding future tempests of nature. Rather, in the wake of the storm, all energies have been devoted to blaming “global warming” and then further sapping governmental coffers of taxpayer dollars, ostensibly…

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