Randy Murray — DHSS: Complicity and Collusion… “We’re told by our government and Pravda Americana – the two greatest liars of all time – that DHSS is buying the ammo in bulk to save us money, even though most of this cost-saving ammo is more expensive hollow point bullets – which are made to kill people, not silhouettes. “


“As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten: be zealous therefore, and repent.” —Revelation 3:19

While the politburo that rules over us attempts to push through universal gun registration then gun confiscation by calling for universal background checks, America’s Department of Homeland Schutzstaffel is buying over 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition, over 7,000 full-auto assault rifles (the same assault rifles they don’t want us to have even as semi-auto) and more than 2,700 mine-resistant ambush-protected (MRAP) armored vehicles.


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We’re told by our government and Pravda Americana – the two greatest liars of all time – that DHSS is buying the ammo in bulk to save us money, even though most of this cost-saving ammo is more expensive hollow point bullets – which are made to kill people, not silhouettes. They tell us they plan to use this ammo at a rate of 15 million rounds a year to train law enforcement. That’s a 100-year supply of bullets. What laws do you suppose their officers will be enforcing? Not the Constitution.


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All those who don’t accept their propaganda but believe the government is prepping for war against gun owners, veterans and those who attend church more than once a week – the folks DHSS, through information supplied by their Gestapo, the Southern Poverty Law Center, call terrorists – are tagged as “white, right-winged” conspiracy nuts who hide in caves, waiting for the apocalypse.

Dr. Krauthammer, you’re no more conservative than Nancy Pelosi, and you can never speak for me! Like pseudo-conservatives McCain and Graham, you’re just playing a role, fulfilling your part in the big plan for the New World Order.


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I recently heard the dear doctor on Fox Views as he ridiculed anyone who dared believe the DHSS is preparing for war against the American people simply because they’re buying vast quantities of hollow point ammunition and military equipment.

Just as Fox and all the other networks berated anyone who dared question the birth certificate of their Manchurian Candidate, Krauthammer balked at the concerns of the last real Americans. But then PC elitists have already redefined what it means to be American, and the new definition doesn’t include those who adhere to the Bible, the Declaration of Independence and/or the Constitution.

We’re not with the program because we refused to be programmed. We won’t accept their lies, so the only thing they can do (for now) is dismiss our opinions, ridicule our beliefs and marginalize us as sub-human, second-class citizens. There are plenty of political prisoners already. Just ask Creation Evangelist Dr. Kent Hovind.

I don’t necessarily like to be right, but in Prole Nation I did predict that DHS would become America’s SS and that the news media would do everything within their scope of influence to cover for them. I also depicted a national public school common core curriculum being forced on us.

Still, it bothers me the media doesn’t even pretend to be ethical, investigative reporters anymore. Very few so-called journalists think or act independently. Consequently, 99 percent of the so-called news you read, hear or see has been modified and filtered to promote the Party’s concept of truth.

Because I couldn’t see any news reports, newspapers or magazines (except Forbes) articles that mention, much less question why DHSS is buying so much ammo and military weapons, I wrote my U.S. congressman and both U.S. senators. I didn’t get an answer, so I wrote Fox Views, asking them why the so-called “fair and balanced” network was so silent on that issue. No answer.

When I saw Fox’ Lou Dobbs had mentioned it then got ambushed by his coercive colleagues, I wrote him about his taking a stand. No answer. Then I saw where New Jersey Congressman Leonard Lance called for an investigation on the ammo purchases, so I wrote him. No answer from him either.

Apparently, those who serve the god of this world have now gotten to Dobbs, Lance and probably Sarah Palin, who’s no longer mentioning this hot-button issue either. The puppet masters have either shut them up, or they too are just role-playing the “conservative.”

Now we hear Franklin Graham is telling us to cooperate with the beast and submit to his gun control agenda. Lord, have mercy on us!

The depth of complicity to which our leaders – political, academic, corporate and spiritual – have betrayed us reaches to the vary pits of Hell!

Collusion between those who would control or destroy us is heartbreaking, but we need to take a step back, take a deep breath and remind ourselves God is still in control.

The devils of his world have targeted us and have every intention of locking us up in their detention camps. (The Army wouldn’t have a field manual about them if the government didn’t already have them.) Already, they’re conducting raids on our homes, practicing their drills for taking us or our means of protecting our families and what’s left of our country.

When DHSS starts rounding up those of us Krauthammer and other neo-cons call conspiracy nuts, I do hope they have the courtesy to at least hang themselves for betraying us as Judas betrayed our Lord.

Mayor Bloomberg, may your money perish with you. The pompous billionaire is putting his money behind efforts to pass more gun control legislation. His cronies are running an ad in the Peach State that depicts a stereotypical country boy sitting on the tailgate of his pickup, shotgun across his lap…..


via Randy Murray — DHSS: Complicity and Collusion.




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