Dr. Patrick Johnston — Will the Cultural Divide Lead to Civil Unrest and State Secession?

Karl Marx

Cover of Karl Marx







If you have never seen the blue-state-red-state map broken down to blue-counties and red-counties, you should take a long, hard look at it. It is a striking divide. If you mapped the nation according to gun crimes, gun control, welfare, and approval ratings for same-sex marriage, you’d find that it superimposes nicely on the blue-red breakdown by county. We have a deepening divide between conservative, God-loving, hard-working, gun-toting, sodomy-disapproving country folks, and liberal, Obama-supporting, humanistic, gun-despising, welfare-expanding, sodomy-approving city folks.


The left, who are largely at the helm of the media, Hollywood, partisan political machines, and colleges and universities, have a vision for the nation that takes us to what Karl Marx envisioned – a socialist, Communist utopia, where personal civil rights dissolve into what’s best for the nation, and all is supervised and infractions sanctioned by an all-powerful, loving state. The left have been steering the helm of the culture this direction for decades, but the turns have been slow, lest they awaken the sleeping passengers and provoke revolt. If the left isn’t careful, they may cut too deeply and too quickly, provoking a backlash that may push the nation in a direction they don’t intend for us to go – back to God and righteousness, back to freedom and justice.







What hot button issue, do you think, will be “the straw that breaks the camel’s back”? What do you think will cause most American’s to snap, insisting “Enough is enough” and prefer resistance and even secession as “the lesser of two evils” over submission to such an unlawful government.


Gun Control


Our nation has tolerated the gun control campaign for decades because it has been relatively gradual. Exploiting gun crimes has been a trick that leftist politicians have used to deceive the people into thinking that less guns will make us safer, when the opposite is a documentable fact (To see the association between gun laws and gun crimes over the last several decades, read More Guns, Less Crime by John Lott). The people are beginning to resist this drift into more and more gun control, as evidence by the massive amount of guns and ammunition that has been purchased since the Connecticut school shooting, and by the failure of Obama’s gun control bill in the Senate. Eight states have passed “Firearms Freedom Acts”, resisting federal gun policy on guns in their state. It is an issue important enough that people risk resisting the feds for it. If the federal government exploits a terrorist attack to justify aggressive gun control measures, they may have a fight on their hands.




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via Dr. Patrick Johnston — Will the Cultural Divide Lead to Civil Unrest and State Secession?.








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