Frosty Wooldridge — So many of my friends coming down with cancer

Part 2: Defeating cancer naturally—remarkable natural cures that work

In their brilliant book, Cancer Free: Your Guide to Gentle Non-Toxic Healing, Bill Henderson and Dr. Carlos Garcia offer the best and most effective alternatives to treating cancer once you discover it within your body.

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To tell you the truth, I wasn’t prepared for the hundreds of emails that poured into my computer after Part 1 published: “So many of my friends coming down with cancer.” Doctors chastised me that I didn’t go far enough. Others told me their trepidations and experiences. Still others offered tremendously success battle plans for cancer. Thank you all.

One of my dearest friends, experiencing a stomach cancer tumor, took nearly six months of heavy chemotherapy treatment. Result: the cancer still thrives in his body. He’s frightened out of his wits.

Chemotherapy as a choice for treating and curing cancer has a failure rate of 97 percent,” said Garcia and Henderson. “Spontaneous remission has a higher success rate. This may be a shock to you and cause you to ask: “If this is so, why were we not told this by oncologists?”

“All I can say is that you seek the answer from your oncologist,” said Henderson. “I was shocked to find that chemotherapy is only effective in 1.4 percent of women with breast cancer. Those who know these facts rarely share this information with trusting and compliant cancer patients who suffer the consequences of this life through omission.”

For those who claim that this must be nonsense, Henderson refers you to his website: Find the search box and type in “chemotherapy cure.”

Methods for curing cancer naturally without chemotherapy

Once you start reading this book, you can’t stop because the research stems from two passionate men who have experienced cancer on a personal level and care to bring out the truth to cancer victims. (Henderson’s wife died from it.)

A. Immune system boosters: Beta-1,3d Glucan—“Almost all immune booster products are soluble. That means that where they dissolve in the body and the effect they have as a result is difficult to control. Beta-1,3d Glucan is insoluble. It is a fiber-like substance. It gets where it belongs. Namely, it passes from the small intestine through Peyer’s patches to the lymphatic system. From there, it is carried into the blood stream, all the body’s organs and even into the bone marrow by phagocytes, which are immune cells that gobble the bad guys.

“It primes the neutrophil immune cells to recognize cancer cells and………

EXCERPT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

via Frosty Wooldridge — So many of my friends coming down with cancer.


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