Modern Music = Emotional Engineering –

Modern Music = Emotional Engineering


June 8, 2013



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musicalbars.jpgWAKE UP PEOPLE! Modern music


was engineered to rot your mind


and pervert your morals –


[Editor’s Note: I am not a musician and post this for discussion purposes.]




by Monica




Quite frankly, I find discussions like the one of Heavy Metal, below the usual intelligence quotient of your readers. In the first place, Heavy Metal falls into the same category as ALL “music” created since about 1900 – it is not for entertainment but for complex emotional engineering.



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Up until the early part of the last century, music was for both entertainment and for cultural expression, something that built and strengthened society on a much deeper level than mere amusement.







It was to elevate the heart and mind – and in many orchestral pieces from 1300 to 1800, to elevate them to aid in the contemplation of the divine. “Music doth calm the savage breast” is no idle comment!


In order to dispose Western Civilization to the relaxed morality being promoted to them during two world wars, it was necessary to undermine them emotionally.


Music, being a generally popular accompaniment to entertainment and casual assemblies (ie; dances, bars, restaurants) was the perfect vehicle to re-engineer. Take, for example, the Flapper music (Charleston), Gershwin, Scott Joplin, etc., all very breezy, fluff-for-substance, trivial muzak, irrespective of the technical requirements for musicians.



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When the tuning frequency of 440 hertz was imposed on the music world via the Royal Conservatory of England, through the research of German scientists, it was not for the good of music or those who listened to it, but rather, to have the opposite effect.


Overnight, this poisonous frequency over ruled all musical preferences, for the Conservatory had absolute control of certification, thus all world-wide instruction. (Just try to get a job teaching in music, anywhere, without Royal Conservatory certification!)



Coupled with frivolous, beat-heavy music, indeed a change began to be made manifest in the nature of dance, and people’s inhibitions in general when exposed to this music, when out in public, and even more so when few eyes were watching!


It was tidy little coup for the Illuminati, bloodless and largely under appreciated, since the body of research behind it was shrouded in secrecy for years until such time as 440 was so entrenched that it was impossible to repeal.


beatles2.jpgMoral decay through music – subtle, powerfully subversive and largely unnoticed! As they say, the rest is history! Classical music, in all it’s glory, was denigrated as “old fashioned” or downright unpleasant in the mass media, and for those who still loved it, 440 was imposed on it to rob it of it’s vibrancy and mind soothing and elevating qualities…………………….


EXCERPT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


via Modern Music = Emotional Engineering –



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