Articles: Birth of a Racist… “I was no longer myself. I had become…a racist.”

By Sally Zelikovsky


When I awoke this morning and looked at myself in the mirror, I realized that I had undergone a fundamental transformation — a Kafkaesque metamorphosis.


I was no longer myself. I had become…a racist.



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I didn’t do it to myself. I’ve always been sensitive to race. I don’t support racism or racists. I’ve never considered myself racist and don’t think others would consider me a racist. How could I be one now? I never enslaved anyone, prevented them from working or voting or living in my neighborhood or joining my clubs.


I don’t think there was any proof that George Zimmerman did either. But now I know if I ever cross or injure a black person — no matter how justified my actions might be — there is a presumption that I am a racist. I don’t like it at all. It isn’t true. But here I am, non-racist me trapped inside this new racist body I’ve been assigned.






My actions and beliefs are irrelevant. Society has decreed this is who I am. Like alien pods taking control over our slumbering bodies, unstoppable forces have gradually been redirecting our programming as a society so that any time a minority is harmed or disliked by a white person, the precipitating cause of the harm or dislike is ipso facto racism.



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After the Zimmerman verdict, many white people woke up just like me, realizing that we will be deemed haters whenever we interact with non-whites and something goes wrong — no matter what our motivation or innermost thoughts are.Most of us didn’t grow up this way. Quite the opposite. I was taught never to hate and only to judge people by their actions and not by their color, race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, etc.



Didn’t Martin Luther King say we should judge a man by “the content of his character, not by his color of his skin”?Use of racism to implement an agenda or get one’s way, has been building over years.




This isn’t news to any of you. Anytime you fire someone who is a minority, you must have documentation backing up your non-racist justifications.


Even if you have pages and testimony to bolster your decision, you still could be confronted with an unpleasant lawsuit identifying you as a “discriminator.” Even though we are supposed to be a color-blind, post-racial society, groups and individuals force us to think about race all the time. We have become a hyper-racial society.


Furthermore, since very few of us want to be labeled with anything as odious as “racist,” we will do anything — including keeping incompetents in our employ — to avoid the moniker.Nevertheless, as careful as many whites are to avoid doing anything that would saddle us with such epithets, time and time again it is thrust upon us with the goal of serving someone else’s purpose — regardless how we actually conduct ourselves.


If you don’t like your black neighbor because you have a personality clash, you are a racist. If you complain about a black clerk in a store because she wasn’t helpful, you………………


EXCERPT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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