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When the people have become the enemy « Coach is Right

……InsanityThe National Security Agency’s Director of Information Assurance, Debora Plunkett, recently gave the keynote address at the New York Institute of Technology Cyber Security Conference. She told the crowd that the “way to achieve confidence in cyberspace” is to increase collaboration between the government and the high-tech industry”. 2 Pure Chutzpah.

She tried to pass this off as a matter of protecting the nation against cyber-attacks, but when presented in a politically charged environment, it’s no different from the “doing it for the children” dogma.

It was the close relationship with tech industries that enabled the Agency to collect data on Americans in the first place. Now they have been caught sharing information with other agencies and Ms. Plunkett is doubling down. 3 She and other NSA officials seriously need a USSID 18 refresher.

4 Sad to say, this is no longer a conspiracy theory but main stream media reporting. The once respected Intelligence Gathering Agency has lost the trust and confidence of the people it was created to protect.Obama and his Chicago thugocracy have violated the civil liberties of the citizens more than any other………………..

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