If You Think Putin Is A ‘Commie’, Think Again

President George W. Bush of the United States ...

President George W. Bush of the United States and President Vladimir Putin of Russia, exchange handshakes Thursday, June 7, 2007, after their meeting at the G8 Summit in Heiligendamm, Germany. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
























If You Think Putin Is A ‘Commie‘, Think AgainTomatobubble.com ^ | Unknown | UnknownPosted on Monday, September 23, 2013 3:03:54 PM by Dick BachertI post this via the above link FWIW.


That said, despite the snide comment by that notorious dissembler that’s a LIAR for you libtard trolls! hitlery klintoon, Putin APPEARS to have been drifting slowly away from his old KGB roots and doing some things in Russia that COULD be interpreted as positive for freedom and Christian values there.Look, we’ve all been fooled by “leaders” over the years.







The most recent example has to be obozo who, with the aid of the US lapdog media and generations of government school indoctrinated, critical thinking impaired idiots, wangled his unvetted, unqualified way into the White House.Given how deep in the tank the media here is for obozo and obozo’s constant international bitch slapping by Putin, does anyone believe that obozo’s lapdogs are NOT going to spin stories about Vlad into negative territory — let alone PUBLISH them??


THAT sad fact is why I chose to forward this email. Please use YOUR more well developed critical thinking skills to evaluate this information.If you are not deeply concerned that obozo is causing America to circle more closely toward the Marxist drain while Russian SEEMS to be pulling away, you clearly have not been paying enough attention.




via If You Think Putin Is A ‘Commie’, Think Again.



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