Informational Internet postings of patriotic interest: October 8, 2013


Please note the 4th and 5th informational links. For those who have until this time, given Obama the benefit of any doubt; please connect the dots. Obama intentionally is attempting to destroy traditional, patriotic and Constitutional America. 

Please note the Internet postings following the large pic:


The Alabama Supreme Court may be the beginning of the end of Obama’s house of cards ( – Gmail)

Truckers aim for ‘arrests’ in Congress (

#STRIKE – We Need To Pray For These #Truckers Who Are Going To DC On Oct 13th (

National Mall Open For Illegal Alien Rally , Closed To Taxpayers (

Obama to Allow Amnesty Rally on National Mall After Kicking Veterans Out (

The Truth About the Shutdown, Part 1 (

The hypocrisy of Pres. Lucifer’s government shutdown (

#Obamacare: “I just didn’t realize I would be the one who was going to pay for it personally.” (

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    I contacted My Congressman, the following is what was said:Dear Peter Defazio,

    Your VA Rep. Whitney called me today, For which I am Grateful. She was from your Eugene Office. She was concerned about my issues, for which I deeply thank you, and Sincerely appreciate! However, She did make a point to say: ” I have spent 45 Minutes with you and have to go. I was not finished!

    I wish to make a statement: In April of 1979, Off the Coast of Oregon, in 40 foot Seas, My Ship, the USS Juneau LPD-10 took a 43 Degree Roll, Juneau sustained structural damage and the Mess Deck was out of commission for Four DAYS. The crew did not eat for Four days. And YOUR REP DOES NOT HAVE TIME FOR ME! WHAT DO YOU CALL THAT? Please respond Congressman, With All Due Respect! please Google “OPNAV REPORT USS JUNEAU LPD-10 WESPAC 1979” the first Hit, is a Government Report of What I have just TOLD YOU! Do Not Believe Me!

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