Is Obama The World’s Biggest Birther?: ROOT For America

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Hello, I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. Many Americans suspect Barack Obama was foreign-born. They have every right to ask the questions about the most powerful and mysterious man in the world, but I believe they have the story wrong. They are on the wrong path to unsealing the mystery of Obama’s background.












But the Obama defenders are equally wrong. They rudely label Obama’s critics as “birthers.” Interestingly, the person most responsible for spreading this birth rumor is Obama himself. So in reality, Obama is the world’s biggest “birther.” I was Obama’s classmate at Columbia University. And, boy, do I have a story to tell you.







I believe Obama is a fraud. But it has nothing to do with his birth. Obama’s critics have it all backward. They are looking in the wrong place. He isn’t a foreigner portraying himself as an American. He’s an American who fraudulently portrayed himself as a foreigner. So because of his own fraudulent actions, Obama is actually the one to blame for starting all of this conspiracy talk.


Months ago, MSNBC television host Rachel Maddow spent 15 minutes on her national show calling me a “birther.” I scratched my head, because I’m not — never have been, not for one minute. A “birther” believes Obama is a foreigner, not legally qualified to be President. I have never believed that.


I’ve always believed that Obama is 100 percent American. There, I’ve said it loudly. I’m a leading critic of the President, but I’ve always believed him to be American-born. He is as American as P.T. Barnum. And he lies and exaggerates like Barnum, too. While Obama is no foreigner, he is a fraud. Let me tell you the real Obama story.


In hundreds of media interviews, I’ve stated that even though Obama was my college classmate at Columbia University, class of 1983, and we shared the same majors (political science and pre-law), I never saw, met or heard of him. But the media has this story wrong, too. I’ve never said that my conclusion is Obama did not go to Columbia. On the contrary, I believe Obama graduated Columbia and we are classmates.


Where was he hiding for those Columbia years? My educated guess is he was smoking pot and attending communist meetings, plotting the downfall of America and capitalism. Don’t laugh; it worked.


While that was just an educated guess, Obama’s own autobiography backs me up. He personally admitted often attending Socialist Party meetings at Cooper Union in downtown Manhattan. With Obama, even your wildest guesses are often proven true.


But forget why he wasn’t seen at Columbia; the real mystery is how he ever got into Columbia. Stay with me, because this ties into the whole “foreign-born” story.


I’ve believe I’ve pieced together what happened at Columbia and here it is. I believe that Obama, an American citizen, committed fraud by portraying himself as a foreigner in order to gain almost impossible admittance to prestigious Columbia University (and probably Occidental and Harvard Law School as well). He lied and used fraud, misrepresentation, to weasel his way in.


Is that really a crime? Ask convicted criminal Frank Abagnale, the real-life star of the hit movie and best-selling book Catch Me If You Can. Portraying someone you’re not is called fraud and is punishable by years in prison.


It doesn’t take a psychology degree to figure out Obama’s fragile mindset as a young man. He spent his youth living a fantasy, wanting desperately to be foreign-born and exotic, instead of just a normal American kid from a struggling single-parent household. As a black teen with no dad, Obama undoubtedly faced racism and tough times. With help from mentors like Frank Marshall Davis, a communist, and Bill Ayers, a terrorist, he learned to despise his country of birth (America). As a dreamer and loner, he started to believe his own story of exotic birth, then he used that fantasy (aka fraud) to gain admittance to both Occidental and Columbia.


In too deep, he had no way out. Ironically, that makes Obama himself the “birther.” He’s the…………….







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