Unisex Marines: Dressing for Defeat

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It’s as if the Pentagon wants the Marines to dress for surrender. The controversy isn’t over a weapon or a fighting tactic. It is over the design of the hat. Apparently they want to have a unisex hat for the Marines. marine-hat-optionsWhy would they need to redesign the hat if both men and women wear the same design? The new design looks like they are either French police officers or in the French Foreign Legion.


I have been submitting ideas to the military since 1970 when I submitted a satellite defense system to Nixon which used charged particle beam weapons. I resubmitted the idea in 1981 to President Reagan as a part of my Presidential platform for 1992. On my cable TV program during the late 1980′s I did a series on the military in the future. In the part about the Marines I drew a weapon I call a multi-mode because it could use an electromagnetic discharge system to throw magnetized projectiles toward targets at over 10 miles per second.







A small injection reactor would be used to discharge the projectiles. Once the projectiles are gone, either a charged particle beam or energy discharge would be fired toward targets. The Marines would also wear motorized fighting suits that would make them like walking tanks. If suits and multi-modes had been available in 1970, the Marines could have walked to Hanoi and demanded the surrender of Ho Chi Minh to end the Vietnam War. The idea for the suits was inspired by the book “Starship Troopers.”


What the Marines need instead of “surrender hats” are suits and multi-modes to start with. They also need multi-purpose flying crafts that can fly at over Mach 2, land vertically, and travel underwater, if possible. If my injection reactor and field compression engine work, the plane could not only fly and travel at over 300 knots underwater, it could fly out into space. Its particle beam weapons, field discharge capability, and field expansion missiles that would fly at targets by beam emission at hypersonic speed would make the craft much-feared. If a Marine tank used a 120 mm electromagnetic discharge main gun like the one I brought into the Aberdeen testing grounds in 1997, targets could be hit at 2 miles per second and the charged particle beam weapons that would replace the machine guns could destroy most targets in a matter of seconds.


With the people we have calling the shots in Washington, our military will most likely degrade until…………..


EXCERPT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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