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October 26, 2013

First depiction.jpg(1775 depictions show Americans being slaughtered. No one is even firing back.)


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The \”Battle of Lexington,\” 1775, was portrayed as an unprovoked slaughter of colonists by the British. James Perloff believes that, like the sinking of the USS Maine, the sinking of the Lusitania, and 9-11, the event was engineered to start war.

First depiction.jpg

It seems Americans have been manipulated into fighting wars from the get-go.

By James Perloff


I grew up in Lexington, Massachusetts, where on April 19, 1775, a force of British redcoats, on their way to Concord to confiscate rebel munitions, encountered a small force of militiamen. Suddenly, \”the shot heard round the world\” was fired. In the ensuing skirmish, eight colonists were killed, and nine wounded. The British suffered one wounded. This was a causus bellum for the American Revolution.

But, was \”the shot heard round the world\” a false flag like 9-11, a pretext for war?

As explained in detail my online article The Secrets Buried at Lexington Green, Americans were deceived. It was proclaimed everywhere that the British had committed an unprovoked massacre in Lexington. The truth is individuals in concealed locations fired on the British first.

Sam Adams.jpgThough most Americans today recognize him only as a face on beer bottles, the revolution\’s mastermind in Massachusetts was Sam Adams, whom biographer John Miller called the \”pioneer in propaganda.\”

Adams, left, Temporary Secretary of the 1774 Philadelphia Congress, had secured a pledge from delegates that, should warfare erupt between Massachusetts and British troops, the other colonies would aid Massachusetts. But this carried a stipulation: They would only help IF THE BRITISH FIRED FIRST.

By mid-April 1775 the SECOND Continental Congress was 3 weeks away. Sam Adams desperately needed a \”British fired first\” incident to bring to the Congress, lest passions for revolution and war wane.

Here is a HIGHLY condensed summary of my article.

• Artists\’ depictions of the battle gradually evolved–from showing all colonists retreating, to all defiantly resisting.

• The original 1775 depiction [above] represented how Massachusetts rebels wanted the event then portrayed: unprovoked slaughter. The newspaper MASSACHUSETTS SPY denied the militia fired ANY shots, even retaliatory. In their depositions, no Lexington militiaman expressly admitted firing shots.

• As 50th anniversary celebrations approached, the truth began emerging. Residents of……………

EXCERPT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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