“I Hate His White Half, Too”

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“I Hate His White Half, Too”



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October 30, 2013 by A.J. Castellitto 4 Comments


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Who deserves the credit for the high division / low morale that hovers over our country like a dark cloud?


A once proud and hopeful nation is now fractured and frustrated. We are a people mired in doubt and uncertainty.








Our divider-in-chief has exhibited a complete lack of leadership, bordering somewhere between disdain and indifference for the citizens to whom he has sworn full allegiance and servitude. Our security, protection, and representation has been unjustly exchanged for a radical new world void of true tolerance or individuality.


Fear and paranoia now reigns, as the shared values that enabled America to become a great melting pot of culture and diversity have been discarded. A climate of suspicion and mistrust has emerged as subtle seeds of racial and civil unrest continue to bring America to the brink of implosion.


The deceit and propaganda of a treasonous and tyrannical executive branch continues to inflame the tension of our polarized society. A governmental provocation fostering the widespread internal strife of our diversified nation seems to be the ultimate end of this radically reckless brand of leadership.


Back in 2009, a majority of white America was fully behind the president. There was much fanfare


via “I Hate His White Half, Too”.



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2 Responses to “I Hate His White Half, Too”

  1. Gunny G says:

    I was searching for an article…one writer seriously suggested bulldozing the white house because, after all, America being what we claim it to be has no need for a National Palace to house a pseudo-king !!!!!!
    Etc, etc……


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