Obama’s Obamacare “sorry” is no apology: His lying lifestyle continues unabated

GUNNY G!!!!!


Please notethe following short commentary and multiple related informational links:

A chief characteristic of a pathological liar, is that he lives and breathes deception. There is no such thing as one lie or a few; but, a whole series of continued lies – day after day;  year after year. Pathological liars become victims of their own deceptions, as they can no longer distinguish the truth. They essentially become reprobate, incapable of executing a positive turn-around. The possibility of genuine repentance becomes far removed.

Obama is a lifestyle liar.  [1]  [2] [3]  All an honest person has to do is to research what can be discovered about his shrouded background. A recent interview of Mia Pope illustrates a (reported) young high school Obama living a lifestyle of deceit. And, at the present, it has been established that Obama criminally usurped the office of US president by falsely…

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