The Last Confederate General, General Joe Shelby

The Last Confederate General, General Joe Shelby ^ | December 12, 2006 | Christopher Eger

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Refusing to surrender he led his men on an epic 1500 mile flight through the anarchy of a lost war to continue the fight.

Joseph O. Shelby

Joseph O. Shelby (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




Joseph Orville Shelby was born December 12, 1830 in Lexington, Kentucky. He was classically educated at Transylvania University before moving to Missouri. Before the civil war He was a hemp rope manufacturer and espoused the pro-slavery cause and took active part in several shady schemes to make Kansas a slave state.




At the beginning of the war he accepted a commission as a Captain of Cavalry in the Missouri Confederate militia, being bloodied at the Battle of Wilson Creek in 1861. He was made a colonel in 1862 and raised his own regiment of cavalry. This regiment grew to the size of a brigade of which he was made the General of at the age of 32 in 1863. He led this \”Iron Brigade\” on a famous raid on the longest cavalry raid of the war behind Union lines in Missouri. The 43 day raid from September 22 to November 3, 1863, saw Shelby and his 600 man brigade travel over 1,500 miles, inflict more than 1,000 casualties on Union forces, and capture or destroy $2 million worth of enemy supplies. He captured the federal garrisons at Neosho, Greenfield, Stockton, Hermanville, Warsaw, Boonville and Marshall, Missouri. In 1864 the Iron Brigade fought Union troops at the Battle of the Little Blue and the Battle of Westport where it twice saved the Confederate Army it was attached to from defeat. The end of the war found Shelby; now a Major General in Arkansas recruiting for his unit now encamped in Texas awaiting re-enforcement.

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