Demeaning bloggers…unning scared….. Many-to…

Blogging has terrified mainstream media for a while now. Journalists want to know if blogs are going to degrade their profession, open up new possibilities or otherwise challenge their authority.


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This also means that whenever the press writes about blogs, one must critically consider what biases are embedded in their reporting. This morning, the NYTimes took their bias to the headlines:

Web Diarists Are Now Official Members of Convention Press Corps

As i’ve written before, blogging is rhetorically situated between journalism and diarying. Most often, people label blogging as one or the other in order to degrade it. The NYTimes pulled this act today because they have a professional interest in portraying convention bloggers as “low-brow” and unworthy of reading, while the NYTimes will present the real “high-brow” convention story. By framing bloggers as diarists, the NYTimes is demanding that the reader see blogs as petty, childish and self-absorbed. They further perpetuate this view by pasting a picture of a youth on the front of the article to suggest that bloggers are all inexperienced and naive, further implying that their reports will not have the value of the more “adult” perspective of “real” journalists.



The entire spin of the article focuses on how bloggers are like children in a candy store – naive, inexperienced and…………

EXCERPT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

via Demeaning bloggers: the NYTimes is running scared. Many-to-Many:.



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  1. Gunny G says:

    Re Bloggers…………….

    Semper Watching !!!!!

  2. Gunny G says:

    Some say bloggers are….pulling in their horns…watching what they say cuz they know their every move is monitored…some say blogging badder and badder…what say ye?????

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