OBAMACARE was Deliberately Designed to Fail – Coach is Right

By Doug Book, on December 13th, 2013


Is the ineptitude of ObamaCare authors and directors really a function of good old-fashioned government incompetence?


Or is a widely ignorant American public being taken in by precisely what members of the radical left WANT to be brought about by the Affordable Care Act? Could the daily disasters–



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the suspended employer mandate, “honor system” reporting of income, previously unannounced taxes, doctors refusing to treat ObamaCare policy holders, the ludicrous Healthcare.gov website, the baldfaced lies about keeping your insurance and your doctors–could these extraordinary failures actually mean that the rollout of the ACA is proceeding exactly according to plan?







“Obamacare is the last step towards universal health care and a single-payer government system.” (1) Acquisition of total control over 1/6 of the American economy along with the absolute power of life and death over the American public–such have been the dreams of left wing politicians for a century.



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But the direct approach, that of commandeering authority over the healthcare industry has consistently failed thanks to a suspicious, recalcitrant public and the massive complexity of the task. Ask Hillary Clinton.




But thanks to a Regime willing to lie shamelessly to the public on each and every day, many roadblocks have been successfully navigated. The “Affordable Care Act” through which the uninsured and previously uninsurable are told they can at last obtain healthcare, has been sold as a Godsend, the only means by which victims of industry greed can secure life-saving service. The ACA has ostensibly incorporated the expertise of insurance companies, doctors, hospitals and healthcare providers across the nation, not threatening to rule or replace them, but to encourage each to do what they do best, all for the benefit of the American people.


Throughout the system, ObamaCare supporters claim to be depending upon rather than assaulting these institutions. ObamaCare minions will suggest they are on the outside looking in as the best and brightest of private enterprise carry the ball. Competition is reducing premiums, states are setting up and running their own ObamaCare exchanges, the federal government intruding only reluctantly in states unwilling to provide care for their inhabitants.


Indeed, the Obama Regime and its ObamaCare authors did little more than create mere guidelines. The private sector will make it all work.


This of course is utter nonsense. The authors of ObamaCare deliberately manufactured the most complex system imaginable. They have included thousands of pages of mandates and regulations, all designed to drown insurers in a sea of government red tape and all for the purpose of making profitability impossible. The failed Healthcare.gov website has made it more difficult for the young and healthy–the very group upon which insurers were told to depend for balancing losses incurred thanks to the forced scrapping of medical underwriting–to sign up for ObamaCare, even if for some obscure reason they might want to!


The penalty for a healthy 20 year old NOT purchasing an ObamaCare policy–$95 or 1% of yearly income…………………..




via OBAMACARE was Deliberately Designed to Fail – Coach is Right.





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