LT COL Robert Bateman libels the NRA

LT COL Robert Bateman libels the NRA

Esquire ^ | 12/24/2013 | By Laz A. Mataz

Posted on Tuesday, December 24, 2013 11:07:20 AM by Lazamataz

On December 20, 2013, Lt. Col. Robert Bateman wrote a political blog opinion piece titled \”YOU\’RE DAYS ARE NUMBERED\”: ON DEATH THREATS AND GUN RIGHTS\”. Bateman is the man who garnered so much attention for his previous article calling for almost total gun confiscation, and his willingness to go to any lengths to achieve that goal.


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This time, however, he committed an act of libel. He writes, in part:

\”Personally, I think a little bit less of an organization like the NRA, which incites their members to threaten rape and murder and the abduction of babies.\”


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This is a legally-actionable libelous statement. To defend against such a lawsuit, he will be required to produce documented evidence that an officer or official representative of the National Rifle Association actually incited a member or members to \”threaten rape and murder and the abduction of babies\”. I suggest he will have a hard time doing that.

I\’ve contacted the NRA via their Facebook page and received a response: \”National Rifle Association: We posted about this a while back on our Facebook page. We appreciate your support and membership.\”.

Not entirely sure that the recipient and responder quite got my meaning. I looked for an indication they recognized the libel on their page, I do not see it.

Therefore, I am calling out to all Freepers, especially those who have contacts within the NRA hierarchy, to inform them of this act of libel, and to strongly suggest they aggressively pursue a lawsuit.

This Lt. Col., who is active duty, has libeled and damaged the reputation of the NRA. They need to act, strongly, and assert their rights under the color of law.

I feel Lt. Col. Bateman has just stepped in it big time.

via LT COL Robert Bateman libels the NRA.



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4 Responses to LT COL Robert Bateman libels the NRA

  1. Gunny G says:

    bad penny turns up again…this time Christmas Eve!

    See Reader responses, etc.

    Dick.G: AMERICAN !


    “Libel”…..Most certainly. The first of many people who are NRA members and have perhaps a “NRA” sticker on their car, that gets fired because they are probable criminals due to this LT Col.’s allegations he has made , also I believe a reference would need to be made by the employer. That this accuser’s data was used to fire the person……Well, that’s “Libel” usually physical damages must take place and proven. In my State anyway. I do not know about other States. I live in Oregon. I have looked into it, through an attorney, In my own case , but
    different circumstances of “Libel”. Also, there are plenty of Attorneys just waiting for the call.

    Also, what military did this person serve in? The NVA? Red-Chinese? It does not say?

    I find it hard to believe this person ever took an Oath to Protect the Constitution of the United States! If so, Perhaps he should read his Oath and the Constitution, and not be a Hypocrite! The last time I looked, the second amendment was intact. However, I suppose that could be tampered with anytime!

    “Things take time”

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