CIA Domestic Assassination: JFK & Mary Pinchot Meyer –

Mary Pinchot Mayer, the woman who inspired

JFK to resist the satanic power was also

brutally murdered by the CIA. Their deaths were

part of a continuing program of political assassinations.


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In his book, Mary\’s Mosaic, Peter Janney has assembled

the puzzle, a picture disheartening yet also inspiring.

by Henry Makow Ph.D.


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\”Mary\’s Mosaic\” a book by Peter Janney is a memorial to Mary Pinchot Meyer (1920-1964), JFK\’s confidante, adviser and lover.


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Janney was a boyhood friend of Meyer\’s second son, Michael, who died when he was hit by a car in Dec. 1956. Janney recalls how Mary, despite her own grief, comforted him and the motorist who was hysterical. In Janney\’s memory, his friend\’s mother represented the ideal of womanhood.

angleton.jpgJanney\’s mother and Meyer were classmates at Vassar College. His father, Wistar Janney and Mary\’s husband Cord Meyer, whom she divorced in 1957, were both top officials at the CIA.

The book is an act of penance because although CIA Chief of Counterintelligence James Angleton (left) ordered the hit (because she threatened to expose the CIA) Janney\’s own father and her ex-husband were both privy to the decision.


Despite the injunction against CIA involvement in domestic politics, the book reveals that the JFK assassination was only the most prominent of hundreds of US political assassinations. Consider names like RFK, MLK, JFK Jr., Vincent Foster and Senator Paul Wellstone. J. Edgar Hoover was probably murdered.Two earlier Mary Meyer murder researchers, Leo Damore and John Davis, also died under suspicious circumstances. The CIA has many discreet ways of making murder look natural. Janney quotes William Corson, a CIA insider, ¨Murders are easy, suicides more difficult.\”

Another Janey source is Toni Shimon, daughter of \”police inspector\” Joseph Shimon, liaison between CIA, FBI, DC police and the Executive Branch from the 1940\’s-1980´s. He told her political assassinations are part of doing business in Washington. He carried out a few himself.

Janney also suspects that Philip Graham was murdered by the CIA who then controlled the Washington Post through his wife Publisher Kathleen Graham and Managing Editor Ben Bradlee. This casts into doubt the Post\’s role in the Watergate Affair. Janney says the 18-minutes missing from the Nixon tapes included his threat to expose the CIA role in the JFK Assassination.


Mary Pinchot Meyer is often described disparagingly as Kennedy´s \”mistress.\” In fact, by 1963 she was part of his inner circle and perhaps his greatest influence.

An American bluebood, her father was a two-term governor of Pennsylvania. She was raised in NYC and travelled in the same social circles as JFK. A statuesque beauty, she was high-minded and had no time for the young Kennedy who was a philanderer like his father.

Coming of age during World War Two, she was preoccupied with world…………….

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