“Why We Need Gun Control” ~ Servando Gonzalez – historian, semiotician, writer, political satirist, intelligence analyst

The militarization of the police in the U.S. has proved to be a grave mistake — if it is a mistake. It is a disaster waiting to happen, and we the people are the ones who are going to pay dearly for it.


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The police officers we saw in action at the Newtown events are a far cry from the idea of policemen as peace officers whose main job is to maintain the peace among citizens. The ones we see in American streets today are not policemen anymore.


They carry military weapons, dress like soldiers, act like soldiers and, even worse, they think like soldiers of an occupying force in a hostile territory and behave accordingly.

But the role of an army is not policing and keeping peace among citizens. The role of an army is to maim and kill the enemy until it surrenders or is exterminated. This military mentality explains why we see more and more cases of police using excessive, unnecessary force to solve situations that could have been solved more peacefully. But they have the big guns, and are itching to use them, particularly against unarmed people.

The government is trying to convince the American people that the intention behind a total ban on firearms is protecting us from criminals. But there are indications that………………..

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via Servando Gonzalez – historian, semiotician, writer, political satirist, intelligence analyst.



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