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Paul McGuire — 2014 Judgment Day For America: The Bible as America’s New Pornography

…………Mankind is now going into a period where all forms of crisis are about to escalate and where quite possibly we have reached the point of no return, leading to the end of the world, at least the world as we know it.


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This “end of the world” scenario can potentially bring about three entirely different outcomes.


Some of these outcomes are based on the Illuminati operating principle, “Order out of Chaos,” or the “New World Order out of Chaos.” First, the present chaos is a sign for some that we have entered what Aliester Crowley called the “New Aeon” or a new era for Mankind. Groups like the Illuminati


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anticipate a time of great planetary upheaval resulting in the killing off of billions of “useless eaters” before a New World Order is established.



This is very difficult for the average man to understand, as well as those in the managerial class of this New World Order who have only limited, compartmentalized information. However, it is simply Darwinian evolutionary theory at its purest form, which is the survival of the fittest, or might makes right. There are many scientists, thinkers, and politicians who fully understand this, but they simply are not saying it out in the open.


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Hitler’s Third Reich was built on the science of eugenics and the right of a “master race” to exterminate what they perceived to be lesser races. The science of eugenics has become Transhumanism…………..

The Bible does not promote a “master race” perspective, because………


via Paul McGuire — 2014 Judgment Day For America: The Bible as America’s New Pornography.



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