The Manchurian Candidate Wishes You a Happy New Year | Obama

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The Manchurian Candidate Wishes You a Happy New Year

The Manchurian Candidate Wishes You a Happy New Year

Dave Hodges

The Common Sense Show

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It is going to be an in-your-face New Year as we take down our 2013 calendars and replace them with the 2014 calendar loaded with a series of Black Friday dates.


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The current president has done the most towards accomplishing his goals that he set coming into office than any other president in American history. The only problem is that President Barry is the ultimate Manchurian Candidate.



manchrian candidate the ford foundationAs I have documented before, his mother, Anne Dunham, worked for Tim Geithner’s father for the CIA sponsored Ford Foundation when Barry was little. Throughout his young life, little Barry was taught to hate America and the free enterprise system by the communists who raised him ranging from Frank Marshall Davis


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to the key members of the Weatherman Underground (e.g. Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dohrn as well as the Valerie Jarrett family). Consequently, Barry was the right man at the right time to become the president . He is the ultimate Manchurian Candidate. Heretofore, let’s just call him, President Manchurian.

President Manchurian, brought to you by the Weatherman Underground.

President Manchurian, brought to you by the Weatherman Underground.


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The only problem for us, is that it was Barry’s specific mission to engineer the wholesale destruction of this country, its time honored legal traditions and to oversee the theft of its resources. For there to be a true New World Order, there must first be the destruction of the United States because it is the shining antithesis of what the globalist masters want for this planet which is the establishment of neo-feudalism under the auspices of a brutal totalitarian regime.

Thanks to the 2014 version of the NDAA, our Constitution and our civil liberties are gone. In reality, there is not even a reason to maintain Congress and the Supreme Court. They should be disbanded because we are now being ruled by a series of executive branch edicts under the all-seeing eye of a police state surveillance grid. All hail to President Manchurian, we belong to this mystery man and his handlers.

President Manchurian Owns You and Your Property

Under Executive Order 13603, it is clear that the President can proclaim, in times of emergency or non-emergency, that he controls all industry, transportation, food and water as well as all energy. Who could ever forget President Manchurian as he told small business owners “You did not build that……


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