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The Daily Bell – America, Outsourcing A Declaration of War?

A draft version of the Nuclear Weapon Free Iran Act of 2013 was introduced in the United States Senate on December 19. Section 2 (5) reads, \”if the Government of Israel is compelled to take military action in legitimate self-defense against Iran\’s nuclear weapon program, the United States Government


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should stand with Israel and provide, in accordance with the law of the United States and the constitutional responsibility of Congress to authorize the use of military force, diplomatic, military, and economic support to the Government of Israel in its defense of its territory, people, and existence.\”




The provision is non-binding and echoes a Senate resolution passed in April but it gives the resolution more force and prominence. News accounts in Israel reported the April measure as a solid commitment. A headline in the Times of Israel (Feb. 28) declared, \”Resolution would promise US aid if Israel forced to hit Iran.\” Foreign policy commentator Sheldon Richman has pointed out, \”This section [of the proposed act] is legally nonbinding, but given the clout of the bill\’s chief supporter outside of Congress – the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), leader of the pro-Israel lobby – that is a mere formality.\”


via The Daily Bell – America, Outsourcing A Declaration of War?.



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