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The Greatest Coup D’état in World History is Complete | Veterans Today

by Johnny Punish

They say the men who manage men manage and the men who manage money manage all. And so it goes that the greatest coup in world history was not committed by an army holding a bayonette to the throat of some King. No, it was done quietly over time using finance as the weapon of choice and the media as its bullets.

In fact, this coup d’etat is now the greatest in world history and 99.9% of Americans missed it because they were busy watching Justin Beiber on their “news” instead!

You know 25 years ago, my significant other, who is from a Latin American country and has NO special insight into politics, banking, or anything remotely knowledgeable about world affairs said to me “you know the USA’s greatest enemy is Israel and the Zionists who run it”. At the time, we were just in our early 20s and me, being just a simple minded musician out to party and still wet behind the ears said “What makes you say such a thing”?

I mean at the time, clearly the USA had no enemies; so it seemed. It was the late 80s. The cold war was over! The big Soviet enemy was defeated and the Berlin Wall had just fallen. It seemed like all was perfect on that shiny city upon the hill that our made for TV hero of the day Ronald Reagan talked about while the seemingly mild mannered President George H.W. Bush was about to declare that this will be a New World Order in his speech on September 11, 1991, ten years to the day before the attacks on 9/11.

Anyways, my significant other, when asked that question “why?” said “You know, I just feel it”. Now this is a woman who can smell things in room that I cannot even fathom. She hears things in the night that I don’t hear. I believe you fellas know what I am talking about. You guys know that women have this thing, this intuition. They sense the danger of another woman approaching even when we cannot even see it or know it’s there. It really is in their DNA isn’t it?

Okay now fast forward to 2014.

fooledLast month, Israeli Stanley Fischer, a known and…………..


via The Greatest Coup D’état in World History is Complete | Veterans Today.

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